January 16th National Nothing Day

This un-event day was created back in 1973 by Harold Pullman Coffin whom, I presume, wanted to do nothing at all on this date so declared the day “Nothing Day”. So the idea is do nothing, say nothing, accomplish nothing beyond breathing eating and sleeping. It may take some prep work though since you have to eat meaning you need to fix what you are going to eat yesterday so you don’t have to do any work today. Sometimes it’s really hard to do nothing at all and it can get really boring as well. If no one else is doing anything then there is no one toserve you, entertain you or even talk with… so, be careful what you wish for!

How to celebrate – Do nothing. Go nowhere. Visit no one.

January 16th National Nothing Day

Nothing from nothing leave nothing. In fact i should not even be doing this blog to celebrate this day because, I would be doing nothing, which is exactly what this day is all about! Oddly, today was created by Harold Pullman Coffin in 1973 who was a newspaper man. Nothing does not make for a very interesting newspaper. A book without words is nothing but is it still a book? If it is still a book then it can’t be nothing. And when one says you should do nothing all day then your day will be rather short, since you have to at least breath to be alive. So it really is impossible to do nothing today and still be around to celebrate it. Maybe today should be renamed don’t do anything beyond what you have to do day. Most of us would claim that as doing nothing.

How to celebrate – Don’t celebrate, do nothing. Don’t make a list of what you aren’t doing. Go back to bed.

July 26th All Or Nothing Day

Today is the day to go for it! To reach beyond those limitations you place on yourself, and the world puts in your way. It could be something big, or something small… it doesn;t matter, it’s All Or Nothing Day.

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How about running for office? Sure, maybe you are qualified or know nothing about any of the issues, maybe you don’t even know where you live but today… that’s doesn’t matter.  All that matters is that you try for it! And frankly, you probably can’t do much worse than those already in office.

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Or maybe you want to win a beauty pageant! It no longer matters if you are pretty or physically fit, all that matters is that you think you are beautiful in your own head. Why strive to be anything beyond the norm, that’s not what true beauty is all about… it’s about your soul.

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Or maybe you want to be rich! I know I do. The reality is none of us is going to get there but maybe you can win at monopoly and pretend! After all, what would you really do with that stack of gold?


Or maybe your idea of going for it is going for nothing at all! There is nothing wrong with that. After all, if you start with nothing it’s a whole lot easier to go for something!

How to celebrate – Try doing something you have always wanted to do but have never tried to do. Reach for the stars! (You may need a ladder)  Be happy with who you are and what you have.

January 16th National Nothing Day

Today is National Nothing Day. Technically, I really shouldn’t even be doing this blog and you shouldn’t be reading it. Now you do still have to breathe, and though you should not even be getting out of bed, you may want to eat and have something to drink. Not to mention other things. I did find this great article about the day and history, I have highlighted the main points below.






It’s really not an easy thing to do, doing nothing. Though many of us practice it daily it isn’t something that we ever really perfect. To become skilled at doing nothing requires a great deal of planning which sort of defeats the point of the day.


The day was created by newspaperman Harold Pullman Coffin in 1973. True to his day though, no one knows why. Perhaps it was a really bad news day, not that the news was bad, but there just wasn’t anything there to report.


So go back to bed, sleep the day away. Although, if you are sleeping you are still doing something so I guess that doesn’t apply. Just how do you do nothing? That requires thought and then you are doing something. It’s a Catch 22.

How to celebrate – ……(well you get the point)

August 10th Lazy Day

Well, we’ve made it 10 days into August, a very hot month, it’s time to relax. Celebrate Lazy Day with me. It’s something we all inherently know how to do, we don’t have to study for it or practice it. We can be lazy without even trying, in fact, it helps not to try.


If you have to work at being lazy then you aren’t really doing it right! Of course it is a Thursday and most of us are working so you may have to choose the point in the day when you are lazy carefully. I am a little surprised that lazy day isn’t followed up by busy day, you know… to clean up all those messes you didn’t clean up since it was lazy day.

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Summer is over. Summer gives you the reason to be lazy. It’s hot, doing anything takes a great deal of effort. Just pretend it’s still summer and you are hot (which you probably will since the sun is still beating down on your head!). In fact, I really shouldn’t even be doing this blog since it’s lazy day! The thing is, I sorta have to do it the day before so in my world it isn’t lazy day yet.

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So don’t expect much from me tomorrow because that will really be today! Of course, tomorrow I have to do an article about the next day which won’t be lazy day since today, being tomorrow is actually lazy day. It makes sense to me.


The people who created lazy day were too lazy to list themselves so no one really knows who started it. Since it’s lazy day no one should really care either. In fact, when you are done with this stop reading it since it’s lazy day.

How to celebrate – Don’t do anything! In fact, you can’t really celebrate it because that means doing something which is exactly what lazy day stands against. If you tend to drool, carry a towel with you… if that doesn’t require too much effort.