May 12th International Nurses Day

Having spent a few days in the hospital over the last couple of months, and then going to doctor’s offices afterwards, I have come to appreciate the Nurse for all He/She does. Doctors are far too often too busy to really care about the person they are giving care too. I get it, they have a lot to do and a lot of people to see. That leaves the daily hands on work to the nurse that builds a relationship with her charge. Today was begun back in 1953 when Dorothy Sutherland of the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare sent in the idea to honor nurses with a week (May 7th- 13th) and a day May 12th, Florence Nightingale’s birthday. It didn’t catch on at first. Nurses deserve a lot more credit than they get. They save lives while showing compassion as well.

How to celebrate – Thank any nurse you may know. Read about Florence Nightingale. Consider becoming a nurse.

November 14th Operating Room Nurse Day

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad created today on November 14th, 1989. I’m willing to bet he, or someone he knew, had just had a operation and been treated by a nurse somewhere. It takes a special person to be a nurse of any kind, to be an operating room nurse requires even more passion. Naturally the doctors fix the problem but it can be said nurses fix the person. An operating room nurse has to know the person, the equipment and the procedure in order to assist the surgeon and the compassion to insure the individual recovers.

How to celebrate – Thank a nurse today. (Yes it is operating room nurses day but you still can thank any nurse) Learn what duties an operating nurse has. Read about all the different kinds of nurses.

May 12th International Nurse’s Day

I think recent events prove to us all just how much we depend on, and cherish, our health providers. Now I already know there was a nurse’s day this month, in fact there are lot of them throughout the year, but why not? They deserve our respect and thanks for all they do. Remember, they do not often see us at our best and generally do things to us we would rather not have done… but guess what, they would rather not have to do them either! They have been putting their lives on the line for us, risking themselves and their families. The date was selected since it is Florence Nightingale’s birthday, one of the first nurses to serve the world, not just her own backyard.

How to celebrate – Thank any nurse you may know for all they have done. Take a nurse to lunch, if you are allowed to. Help provide for their needs just as they have for yours.

November 14th Operating Room Nurse Day

Doctors are given all the credit for health care however, it is up to the nurse to make sure the doctor has not made a mistake. Obviously an operating room nurse is very, very important. The day was created by Governor Terry Branstad in 1989, then governor of Iowa. I have known a lot of really great nurses, some from the operating room, others that serve the recovery time and those that assist doctors. A nurse is also the connection from the individual to the doctor since nurses generally deal daily with the patient. This does not mean the doctor doesn’t care, they may deal with dozens of people where the nurse normally deals with the individual. So let’s recognize the nurse, we can praise the doctor, but the nurse is the backbone of the health industry.

How to celebrate – Thank any nurse you happen to know. Study to become a nurse. Read about the history of the nurse.

November 14th Operating Room Nurse Day

Today we celebrate those men and women who serve as operating room nurses. I wonder how many lives they save everyday? They are sort of like and Angel watching over us when we need them most.


They are there to assist the surgeon but in many cases they are there to correct, remind or  even run the entire operation. The doctor is there to complete the operation, the nurse is there to remind the doctor that who he, or she, is operating on is a human being.


And they generally do it with a smile on their faces. I have known a number of nurses in my life and believe me, they really have nothing to smile about! They get blamed for someone else mistakes, don’t work with people who are at their best and put in so many hours they don’t often even know what time it is.

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They also seem to have a great sense of humor in a generally humorless occupation. They are there to comfort, aide and assist with normally life threatening circumstances. They generally are underappreciated, blamed for things they had nothing to do with and left to clean up matters when everybody else has gone home.


How to celebrate – Thank an operating nurse for what they do. Realize these professionals are people too. Take a nurse to lunch, probably outside the hospital as the food isn’t normally very good there.

May 10th 2017 – School Nurses Day!

GST octubre 31It’s School Nurses Day!

Our schools are served by a nurse that normally receives a great deal less pay than they would in a hospital but they do just as much, and in some cases a lot more.

The day was created in 1972 by the Association of School Nurses which credits Florence Nightingale and her School for Nurses created in 1860.

School nurses have to deal with nearly every situation that can happen to a child. From the minor sniffles to much more serious ailments. They can also head off illness that can affect an entire school, sometimes made up of thousands of children.

How to celebrate – Thank your school nurse for their service. Make sure the school has received all that the nurse needs to be effective. Take your school nurse to lunch in honor of the day and all they do for you.

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