March 25th Pecan Day

Pecans are celebrated today because, supposedly, it was March 25th, 1775 that George Washington first planted a pecan tree at Mount Vernon. Of course Native Americans had been eating them for a thousand years or more before that. The pecan is in the hickory family and there are over 1,000 different varieties of them. They are actually a fruit, not a nut and some 90% of those grown in the world come from the United States. They can be used in several different types of dishes but my favorite is a pecan pie. Who knew it was really a fruit!?!

How to celebrate – Find out the uses for pecans in recipes. Find out what makes 1,000 varieties of pecans. Visit Mount Vernon.

October 22nd National Nut Day

Well you can take today in one of two ways. Either the kind of nuts you can eat (Unless of course you are allergic to them) or the kind you try to avoid on the streets. (Unless of course you are one of them) It seems odd to me that the larger the population grows the more nuts we seem to have, both the food and the people. And the more people, the more people that are allergic to them, both the food and the people. So today you can honor the nut, which ever you choose or even both! Perhaps you could through a party for all those people you think are nuts, naturally serving nuts at the party! Because, sometimes you feel like a nut and sometimes the nuts fool you, particularly the peas.

How to celebrate – List as many nuts as you can, both food and human. Discuss what a nut truly is and what is pretending to be one. Discover which nuts are actually seeds.

September 21st National Pecan Cookie Day

It’s hard to beat a pecan cookie. Sweet and a little nutty and perhaps a little healthier than an Oreo. (Or maybe not) I do know it’s pretty hard for anyone to refuse this treat and it goes great with ice cream!


In fact, a pecan goes with just about anything. White Chocolate, caramel, butterscotch… The pecan is a species of hickory.It is native to Arkansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas. The actual name comes from t he Algonquian language and means, a nut that has to be cracked with a stone.


I have to wonder how they figured out that a pecan could even be eaten.  I mean, if they had to use a stone to crack it open who would have thought of doing that? Of course we eat a lot of things that someone had to try first, like snails and squid.  Who looks at something that and goes, “Yum, I think I’ll eat that!”


But we are glad they did because otherwise we couldn’t enjoy recipes like the one we have for you here.


How to celebrate – Enjoy a pecan cookie in whatever style you prefer. Try a pecan coffee drink or ice cream.  Invent your own pecan and whatever cookie.