January 29th National Puzzle Day

Do you like puzzles? I do, sometimes.The ones I don’t like are how to reset the time on your microwave, escape rooms that are impossible and whether the big bang theory was real or not. There are good ones too though, I like crosswords but I’m not too fond of Sudoku (I’m not very good at math)

The fact is, we go through a lot of puzzles everyday. Puzzles like, how did they ever get a driver’s license, by do they like to wear their pants down at their knees and why do people continue to do things they know are bad for them?

It is a puzzling world. But challenges are sometimes fun. Puzzles definitely keep our minds alert which helps us do other things we might not otherwise be aware of. They tend to keep us younger and can even be something we look forward to everyday… like the newspaper crossword puzzles.

Anyway, today is a day to celebrate those puzzles that often perplex us and those that excite us. They can complete ruin our day, or give us the elation of that quick victory and the satisfaction of knowing we won!

How to celebrate – Buy a crossword book today. Visit an escape room. Solve the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. 

May 11th National Twilight Zone Day

One of the most popular television shows in history, Rod Serling invited the viewer into the mysterious, and often disturbing, world of the writers. Most shows were treated as though they were a nightmare and may have been way ahead of their time.


Beginning on October 1st, 1959, the show ran for 5 years, 1959-1964, yet even children seem to know about the Twilight Zone today. Of course it is in re-runs, but so are hundreds of other shows that are not as well known today.


Rod Serling always opened the show with some monologue about what you were about to see followed by the spinning swirl taking you into the “Zone”. Many people had nightmares about the shows they saw and the movie attempted years later, was a nightmare of it’s own when two small children and actor Vic Morrow were killed by a helicopter crash on the set.

images (5)

Among the most remembered episodes was “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet”. In the episode a young William Shatner was the only passenger who could see a creature riding on the wing of an airplane while in flight. The creature was trying to take the wing apart which would ensure the plane would crash.

images (6)

In another episode the people all looked distorted as though they had been in some kind of horrid accident. When a normal looking human falls into their hands they do everything they can to make them look just like they do.

This show was always interesting, a little frightening and very entertaining. Though it is over 50 years old some of  the issues dealt with by the writers are issues we still encountered today.

How to celebrate – Find re-runs of “The Twilight Zone” and watch them. Start a “Twilight Zone” fan club.  Watch “The Twilight Zone” movie.