November 8th Cook Something Bold Day

If the rest of the neighborhood can smell what you are cooking you have accomplished your goal today. That doesn’t mean it has to be something good, it helps, but the idea is to fill the world with that aroma! You know you have reached your goal when someone comes to your door and asks, “What are you cooking?”. Cabbage works, so does shrimp, anything you can think of that is stinky works really well! To me, while I realize a lot of people love it, the smell of something being cooked heavily with garlic, tops the list. I like garlic, but boy does it stink! Today works really well if you cook outdoors. It gives you a good start on letting the neighbors know you are cooking and you mean business! Today is owned by

How to celebrate – Cook something bold. Cook something that stinks. Try some hot peppers in your cereal!

November 8th Cook Something Bold Day

When you cook something bold it is generally considered to be something hot and spicy. Something filled with flavor and tangy. Well, that’s normally but in this a case we are talking about something that fills your entire home with a scent that beacons someone to the kitchen to find out what’s cooking.

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Now this will obviously change with your families tastes. It may still make the dish hot and spicy but it could also be the scent of cookies baking or strawberries being cut up, lemon cake cooking, a turkey dinner with all the fixings, blueberry muffins, a chocolate fountain… well, you get the idea.

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Things that may not qualify would be cooking cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, liver … unless you like that sort of thing. Half, or more, of the pleasure of eating is the scent of the food. Smelling it cooking all day builds the anticipation of what is to come.

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Well, today is copyrighted by Guess you can’t cook anything that smells good, or bad, without getting their permission first. Or at least it can’t be bold.


How to celebrate – Cook something that is aromatic today. Make something really bold and spicy (Even if you have to throw it away later.) Cook enough cabbage for the entire neighborhood.

March 21st National Fragrance Day

To smell good is an art. To capture that fragrance is being an artist. We pick and choose so much of what we like and have in life by the way it smells. If we like the smell of food, we eat it, if we like the smell of a plant, we plant it and of course, we are attracted to each other, quite often, by the way we smell.


Legend tells us that the French were among the first to use heavy perfumes. The reason of course is because they did not bathe all that often. It’s hard to be attracted to someone who stinks no matter how pretty they may be. I once knew a guy that every woman he came in contact with was attracted to him because of the way he looked, but when they got within ten feet of him they quickly changed their minds.


Naturally, as with anything in life, there are those who overkill by dosing themselves in a tub of perfume or cologne. This can be equally offensive simply because one cannot breathe around them.

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And naturally there are those things in life that just stink! Our olfactory nerves in our noses pick up scents, define them as to preference, and allow us to make a choice of whether we like them or not. What may be attractive to one person, isn’t to another.

How to celebrate – Find the best scent for you and use it. Don’t test too many fragrance at one time, they will mask each other. All of those who eat tons of garlic… remember it makes you stink big time!