January 7th Old Rock Day

We aren’t talking about Kiss, The Doors and The Rolling Stones here… well, maybe the Rolling Stones. We are talking about fossils, those rocks so old no one on earth remembers the creatures that made them. Some people have even become fossils, not that we look for them much. (And no, it’s not your grandma or grandpa.) Anyway, today we celebrate old rocks in our lives. (So I guess that means you can listen to the Rolling Stones after all!) It’s funny, as we get older the rocks seem to get younger to us!

How to celebrate – See if you can find a real “gem” in those rocks you look for. Remember a lump of coal is basically an old rock. Join a fossil hunting group.

January 7th National Old Rock Day

I don’t often tell people to play with their rocks but today, you should. It’s National Old Rock Day. There are a lot of old rocks on earth, in fact earth is pretty much an old rock. An old rock made up of old rocks. I’d bet it’s pretty hard to find a new rock… unless it’s made out of concrete which really doesn’t make it a rock although it is made with rocks.

rocks-on-grounds-of eagle-castle-3582

Rocks are our friends. If not for rocks we would be… rockless! We would not have any mountains to climb, no diamonds for our rings and no Keith Richards. (One of the oldest rocks I know of) We would have no Gibraltar, no Island Line and no Dwayne Johnson.


Now many of us are considered “fossils”. However, we are not as old as true fossils, nor do we generally leave the same inprint on mankind. (Of course “Rocky” came back again and again, and again…) And who could forget the pet rock, though many of us would like to.


No, we truly do owe rocks a lot. Not that they are asking for our thanks but you never know… they are laying around waiting for something.


How to celebrate – Take a rock to dinner tonight! (They are a cheap date and don’t eat much) Say thank you to every rock you see today. (Just don’t let anyone catch you doing it) Make your own monument to rocks.