MARCH 2nd Old Stuff Day

Old stuff can be considered in many classes. People can be old, items can be old, ideas and be old.. .the one thing about all of them is that they should be frequently revisited. You never know when an old idea might become something new again, or when old fashion comes back in vogue, and we should never, never forget our older people. So take today and think of all the old stuff in your life all has become more valuable with age though some may no longer be appreciated the way it once was. Remember, all old stuff was new once.

How to celebrate – Listen all the old ideas you have and see if any make sense for today. Check the value of some of that old stuff you have just laying around. Take a senior to lunch.


March 2nd Old Stuff Day

This is a pretty interesting day actually. It’s all about “old stuff”. People can be old stuff, places can be old stuff and items can be old stuff. But when we generally take about the old stuff in our lives it is those invents we live through and share with others that we are referring to. “The same old stuff” that got us where we are today. The funny thing about old stuff is, the older it gets the newer it becomes to someone. There is also something comfortable about old stuff, they take us to places we feel warm and safe in, even if they do smell funny!

How to celebrate – What is your old stuff!?! How old does something have to be to be old. If you keep something long enough it may come back into style again!

March 2nd Old Stuff Day

Have you ever been what’s happening in you life and you answer, “the same old stuff”? Well today is a day about not responding in the same way ever again… or at least not today. The same Old Stuff actually rarely applies to everyone. You may go to the same job everyday but the person you are talking to may not work in the same job so, it’s not old to them. You may see the same old people, but not to the person who has asked you. In fact, the same Old Stuff is rarely old to others, so make it new for them and exciting! “I am continuing my exciting career!” “I am spending time with some very interesting people!” or even “I’ve decided to become an international spy so, don’t tell anyone!”

How to celebrate – Find a new way of describing the “Same Old Stuff”. Make you day interesting to others, even if its not to you. Make life interesting.