January 25th Opposite Day

If you ever worked at a public, or private school, I am sure you hate this day as much as I do. It just gets carried away. The day may have started back in the 1800’s as it is mentioned in Alice In Wonderland. It may have started in the 1920’s as President Calvin Coolidge was constantly saying the opposite of what he meant to say. (At least he was saying something!) But it seems in probably came from some where between 2010 and 2015 when it got the most attention. Anyway, we all know what you are supposed to do, Sleep when your normally awake, wear your underwear on the outside of your clothes and say things the opposite of what you mean. All pretty common, and very annoying stuff.

How to celebrate – Celebrate today by doing the opposite of what you should be doing. Pretend you have the opposite personality of what you actually have. Go back to bed and wait for today to end.


January 25th Opposite Day

One thing for sure about today, it isn’t ever going to be what we think it is because what ever we think it is it will be the opposite of that. Some say it started with Calvin Coolidge when he was President in the 1920’s, some say it comes from Alice In Wonderland in the mid-1800’s since it was mentioned in the book. The only thing for sure about today is that whatever you think it is, it has to be the complete opposite.

How to celebrate – Whatever you were suppose to do today, do the opposite. However if you thought about doing something else today you need to do the opposite of that. Go back to bed and wait for tomorrow.

January 25th Opposite Day

Boy, do I hate this day! I use to work with the school system and whenever this day came around it was horrible. Beside the underwear being worn on the outside, which was gross, no meant yes and stop meant walk. It led to all sorts of issues meant to be funny, but didn’t end up that way.

How to celebrate – Do everything opposite if the way you would normally do them today. Have supper for breakfast. Forget today and get on with your life.