January 27th Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

We seldom give credit where credit is due. If it were not for bubble wrap, imagine how broken our world would be. Legend says that today was created by a radio station in Bloomington, Indiana when they received several new microphones each wrapped in bubble wrap for their protection. The rest of the day was spent in popping the bubble, and I would guess making for a very annoying broadcast late that day. There is something about finding bubble wrap that makes us have to pop those bubbles. The day always falls on the last Monday in January, I assume the day the radio station received their delivery.

How to celebrate – Pop some bubble wrap. Wrap up something just for the fun of it. Create a shrine to your bubble wrap.

January 19th National Tin Can Day

Tin cans have been around, at least in concept, since the early 1800’s. Philippe Henri DeGirard, a Frenchman, came up with the idea though the original concept was presented by Nicholas Appertin in 1809. Peter Durand got the first English patent in 1810 while Ezra Daggett and Thomas Kensett received the first US patent in 1825. Wow, who knew it took so many people to create a tin can! Oddly, the tin can opener was not created until 1858. So, they canned their goods and they remained canned for nearly 30 years!?! In which case, check those dates on your cans before consuming!

How to celebrate – Read about the world of canning. Start collecting tin cans. Throw a Tin Man party.