May 8th Mother’s Day

If you ever have owed anybody anything, it’s your mother! And on the second Sunday in May we have celebrated Mother’s Day since May 10th, 1908. (Which was honored first in Philadelphia) Mother’s are our care providers, friend, ally, chef, home keeper, cheerleader, well… practically everything to us. Yes, I know some are not as good as others but that goes with practically every one on the face of earth (And maybe beyond) Right, wrong or indifferent you would not be here if not for your mother.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for your mother. Take your mother to lunch. Spend time with them before they are lost to you.

June 21st Father’s Day

The 3rd Sunday of June is reserved for Father’s Day. Probably the only person in the world that needs to be reminded of this day is… your father! It was first celebrated in Spokane, Washington on May 18th, 1910. I am not sure how it ended up in June but it did so just deal with it, that is sort of like being a dad. We think of Mother’s Day as probably being more important and most fathers would agree with that. Being a father is often more about being there than making a statement about it. A father protects his family, tries to provide for it and just wants to be there without getting in the way. We may not always understand why our fathers do what they do but we generally remember that they did it. Thank your father for just doing it, whatever it is.

How to celebrate – Remind your father that today is father’s day. Think of all the good things your father has done for you. Plan something special for your dad realizing that they do not want you to go out of your way.

May 10th Mother’s Day

Where would we be without our mothers? Well, we wouldn’t even BE without our mothers. There is a special bond between mother and child, one the mother never outgrows and the child realizes far too often after the mother is older or passed. Motherhood is amazing. It does prove that women are the stronger sex. I have dozens of stories about motherhood, about my own mother and my wife as a mother. I will not go into them here now because I am sure you have your own stories to tell, just make sure they get told, and that they are told before it’s too late. Though Mother’s Day had many starts before becoming national, it’s official birthday is May 10th, 1908 in Philadelphia.

How to celebrate – Honor your mother today. Don’t forget the flowers and candy, but mainly… don’t forget to thank them. Start a scrapbook of you and your mother.

June 16th Father’s Day

Today we honor all father’s. They may, or may not, be our actual father, they may be a step father or a person who treated us like one of their own children, it’s to honor the idea of being a father. Someone who cares, helps whenever they can and is always there for us… oh, and generally is full of bad jokes. The first Father’s Day was in Spokane, Washington on May 18th, 1910. It caught on and spread really fast since nearly everyone wants to honor their father by making a special day for them. In reality, just like Mother’s Day, it should be 365 days a year instead of just the third Sunday of June. However, since that would be hard to do, we pick, this year, June 16th. So go out of your way to make it a special day for them… after all, they’ve done what they could to make every day of your life a special day for you.

Howto celebrate – Honor your father (Whether they are actually related of not) Take your father to lunch (They’ll probably want to go someplace cheap anyway) Let your father know you love them.

April 27th National Tell A Story Day

Kids love to hear stories, adults love to hear stories… even some animals love to hear stories. I think it may have to do with the fact we are actually spending time with someone (Or something) rather than being off doing our own thing. This is one tradition that has been handed down over the years that machines can really replace. Yes, machines can tell a story but it really needs the human element to be appreciated. If the story has pictures, all the better. Remember those ghost stories you use to tell out by a campfire? Well, many of them have been turned into movies and television shows. Some get turned into novels and others are just retold and retold until the children they are being old to have them memorized. Now the US and he UK have a difference of opinion when today is to be celebrated. We here in the US celebrate in April while the UK chooses October for their day. Exactly 6 months from each other. I wonder if there is a story to be told there.

How to celebrate – Tell someone a story today. Research stories that you believe your family members will be interested in. Learn to use different voices for the different characters.

May 13th Mother’s Day

Today we celebrate Frank Zapa’s band, the Mother’s of Invention. Did you know that the old Turtles band (So Happy Together) made up the singers for Zapa? Oh wait, I’m told it’s not those Mother’s. Oops, my bad.


Actually it’s the day to celebrate those women we would not be here to celebrate for if not for them. I owe my mother everything! Literally! And no one has ever loved me more. I was nearly perfect in her eyes, though I was about as far from being perfect as I could be. But that’s what being a mom is all about, raising their children. Not that they can’t have careers as well, but their children will normally come first. And today is the day that she should become first for the rest of us.


The holiday comes to us via Anna Jarvis who was celebrating her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, who helped nurse veterans of the Civil War, as well as raising her family. When she died, Anna created Mother’s Day in her honor. Though originally it was just celebrate by the St. James Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia.

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The first official Mother’s Day came on May 10th, 1908 in Philadelphia and eventually went nation wide being set on the second Sunday of May, so the dates do change. Really, in all honesty, of all the holidays we celebrate this is probably one of the most important.


Give her candy or flowers, take her to dinner or brunch, or just spend the day with her doing whatever she wants it’s a little pay back for what she has given you. Very little indeed since you can never repay her for all she has done.

How to celebrate – Enjoy your mother today or better yet, let her enjoy you. Make your mom her favorite meal, no strings attached. In some way, let her know she is just as important to you as you have been to her.