November 25th National Parfait Day

Here’s a fun day, it’s a day to celebrate having ice cream, layered with whipped Cream and fruit or at least fruit syrup. (Some people use nuts or oats to layer into the mixture but that seems kinda healthy). You can even mix the fruits as well so you don’t have to use just one! You can also use yogurt in place of the ice cream but if you are thinking it’s going to lower the calories you will probably be disappointed. It’s a great way to cool down and enjoy both your parfait and the day.

How to celebrate – Have a parfait. Make your own new kind of parfait, maybe use vegetables. (Eech!) Most people use vanilla ice cream but try something different!

November 25th National Parfait Day

So what’s the difference in a parfait and a sundae? Heck if I know! A parfait is normally made with ice cream, whipped cream, flavoring syrups and nuts… a sundae is normally made with ice cream, whipped cream flavoring syrups and nuts. Oh, I know the difference! A parfait is served in a fancy cup… since it’s a fancy word for sundae it deserves being served in a fancy glass. Well, fancy glass or not you deserve something special today, I have no idea why but you do, so treat yourself.

How to celebrate – Have a parfait today. Make some sort of an original parfait today… maybe use vegetables. Try yogurt in place of ice cream, it doesn’t make it healthier as once thought but it makes it creamy.

November 25th National Parfait Day

You could have pie, or cake, or any type of dessert today but why not have a parfait? Normally made with layers of ice cream, whipped cream and fruit it really can be made with any flavoring you choose. It can also be made with yogurt. We tend to think that if it is made with yogurt it is healthier but it really isn’t. And it doesn’t have to be fruit either, it can be nuts, granola, seeds… you name it. The general idea is to layer your dessert for different tastes with every bite. This might not be exactly a historic day or even a very important day, unless you are in the dairy industry. You can be different as well, try a parfait with veggies and cheese, meat and potatoes or even bits of candy. It is your parfait, make it your way.

How to celebrate – Have a parfait. Make a pumpkin parfait for Thanksgiving! Experiment with your parfait.

November 25th National Parfait Day

After such a big meal on Thursday you might want to find a lighter fair today. The problem is, you still want flavor… well, let’s see… how about a Parfait! It’s the perfect combination of ice cream, whipped cream, syrups and fruit.

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No, it’s not particularly healthy but it’s no worse than that pumpkin pie you just had. If you stretch it just a bit, the fruit is healthy! The treat is layered fun of different flavors and tastes each time you take a bite. But basically, it’s just a sundae served in a fancy glass.


The choices are nearly endless. You can even use granola or cake as a layer if you so choose. Apparently the most popular flavor is white chocolate but there is no hard rule of what you can have (that’s always nice when you are having a dessert). And I guess you could serve it in a bowl instead of a glass but there is something to be said for seeing those layers making it a little more tempting.

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How to celebrate – Make Parfaits for your family tonight. Make a parfait bar where people can create their own combinations. Relax in front of a nice fire and just enjoy your parfait in peace and quiet.