May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

Always the 3rd Friday in May, today is National Pizza Party Day. I could find no evidence of who created the day but it was probably one of the pizza venders trying to sell more pizzas! It is believed that pizza originated with Alexander the Greats army as they conquered much of the Middle East. Soldiers would take pita bread and place it on their shields in the direct sun. They added oil and herbs, and probably whatever else they had available to make a meal for the march ahead. It was the Italians that turned into what we know today as pizza and nearly everybody in the world loves some sort of pizza. So, in a way, it’s a world wide party day!

How to celebrate – Have a pizza today. Make your own pizza if you are the march to somewhere. Have a pizza sampling party with pizza styles from all over the world.

January 4th National Spaghetti Day

When we think of spaghetti we think Italian. Well, we think wrong, though it is a staple of the diets in Italy. Spaghetti recipes date back to the 1200’s in Europe when pasta was commonly used in open market recipes. The Chinese have been known to use pasta perhaps dating back to 5,000 BCE. However, spaghetti did grow in popularity when the Italians began to add sauces, meatballs and cheese to it. Spaghetti in Italian translates to thin string or twine. I would not suggest making your spaghetti dishes with string or twine but I do see how the Italians might call it that.

How to celebrate – Enjoy a nice plate of spaghetti! Make up your own sauce to flavor the spaghetti. See how many different types of pasta you can name.

December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

Today is one of the more important days of the year. We celebrate the noodle ring and all it has brought us. It is not difficult to understand, it is noodles cooked into a ring, or circle, and served for dinner, lunch, or even breakfast! It’s a fun way to have a meal and basically it is healthy. Naturally you can make it unhealthy, but in it’s purest form it is good for you, or at least sort of anyway. I could go on for hours and hours about today but I won’t (mainly because it’s noodles cooked in a ring)! You can add meat, vegetables, fruit, whatever you want as long as there are noodles and they are in a circle.

How to celebrate – Have some noodles. Cook everything in a ring today. Educate yourself to the world of pasta.

October 25th World Pasta Day

October 25th World Pasta Day


Though many attribute pasta to Italy, it was brought back from China to Europe in the 13th Century by Marco Polo.


Pasta had been a staple of the Chinese diet for probably centuries before Marco Polo visited, it had been in use for so long no one really remembered when the Chinese first started using in their dishes. Italy certainly gives China a run for the money these days though and we are all the better for it!


How to celebrate – Have some Italian pasta today. Have some Chinese pasta today. Read about Marco Polo’s exploration of Asia.

January 4th National Spaghetti Day

Can you say, “Marco Polo”? Well if you can, put him out of your mind because he did not bring spaghetti back to Italy from China as legend claims. Though pasta had been in use since before 5,000 B.C. in China, it probably came to Italy from the Arab countries in the 1200’s.


The actual word, “spaghetti” does come from Italy though and it means thin string or twine. Which really makes me wonder about what the original Italians were eating. Pasta comes in some 600 shapes. It is all basically the same no matter how you cut it, though you can put different seasonings on it to mix it up some.


Thomas Jefferson, serving in Europe as an American Ambassador after the Revolution, learned about the use of pasta and brought it back to America in 1789. (probably with the tomato). Since then, it has become a staple of American cuisine. Americans eat over 20 pounds of pasta a year alone. When you figure how much a pound of pasta is before cooking it, that’s a lot of spaghetti!


And, of course, it has warmed our hearts as well as our bellies over the years. Can you imagine life without pasta? I can’t.


How to celebrate – Serve up a steaming hot plate of spaghetti tonight for a hearty dinner. If you don’t like pasta does that make you anti-pasta!?! (Think about it) See if you can come up with a new shape for your spaghetti.


December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

It’s hard to imagine it has been a whole year since the last Noodle Ring Day but it has. It seems like only yesterday we were making noodle rings, celebrating their creation and rejoicing in the memories of long forgotten Noodle Ring Days of the past.


Really? We actually celebrate Noodle Ring day? And we do it Nationally!?! Oh well, why not. At least we can pasta the time away wondering about it. And as long as you are going to probably make noodles today anyway, why not put them in a ring.


They sort of become a pasta pie when you serve them in the round and you can serve them with whatever you like… meat, fish, chicken, vegetables… you name it, you can even serve it with fruit or as a desert.

images (2)

Perfectly molded they look impressive, even good enough to eat! However, when they are out for a few hours they start to turn a little so you might want to serve them early on and hope they get eaten pretty quickly.

images (3)

I could go on for seconds and seconds more about the purpose and usefulness of the noodle ring but that might get boring so I won’t. Plus, how much more can you can about a noodle ring without repeating yourself!

How to celebrate – Fix a noodle ring for your family and friends today. You could try stepping out and fix a noodle square just for something different! Visit a Spaghettio factory.

October 17th National Pasta Day

It’s just water and flour mixed together but oh what you can do with it. Basically, the only difference from one pasta to the next is how you cut it and what flavors you add to it. Pasta, in Italian, means dough.

It is believed Marco Polo brought back the idea of pasta to Italy from his travels to China. No one seems to know how long it had been in use in China but evidentially it had been use for quite some time (Some think as far back as 5,000 BC.) Apparently, it changed life in Italy from there on out! His travels would have been in the mi 1200’s but there is also evidence that pasta was in use in the Arabic nations in the 1200’s as well.

Thomas Jefferson, serving the US after the revolution, spent a great deal of time in Europe and brought back pasta to the US from his time spent in Naples. He also determined that tomatoes were not poisonous as originally thought and probably started the tomato sauce craze.

Pasta makes up a tremendous amount of our diet in the US, and across the world. Mac & Cheese, Spaghetti, ravioli, it’s actually hard to think of a meal where we don’t use some sort of pasta whether as a main dish or a side dish.

In fact Americans eat over 20 pounds of pasta a year. That’s a lot of dough!

How to celebrate – Use pasta in your meal tonight! See if you can make the world’s longest strand of spaghetti! Invent a new shape of pasta to entertain your friends and family.

January 4th National Spaghetti Day

Spaghetti is not actually a food, it is a shape. In fact it is 1 of over 600 shapes pasta is cut, formed and molded into. And another shocker, Marco Polo did not bring spaghetti back from China to Italy. The fact is, it had been in use in Europe long before Marco Polo made his trip to China.


The Chinese are the first known to use spaghetti some 5,000 BC. The Arab communities used a dried spaghetti type pasta in their meals around 1200. And here’s an appetizing thought, spaghetti in Italian roughly means string or twine.


Thomas Jefferson brought spaghetti to America after spending time in Italy before he became President. Later, the flood of Italians coming to a new life in America spread it’s popularity across the United States.


You can top spaghetti with just about any topping you choose. The traditional tomato sauce is just one style. Butter, garlic, cheese, chicken or beef broth… you can even put ice cream on it! It’s a great meal by itself or as a side dish with practically anything. It’s hard to find anybody who doesn’t like spaghetti.


Some a little too much.

How to celebrate – Have some spaghetti for lunch or dinner today, maybe even breakfast. Create your own spaghetti dish involving something no one else has ever thought of. See if you can dry out wet spaghetti back to it’s original form.

December 11th National Noodle Ring Day

Well, why not. It’s National Noodle Ring Day. That means anything with pasta in it, cooked in a Bundt pan, or at least something round. Now I know, isn’t that something we do every time we want some lasagna but all of our other cookware is dirty?  In my house that happens a lot. Never on purpose, but a lot.


And frankly, eating noodles can get very boring, even mac and cheese, so why not dress it up and make it round!?! It doesn’t make it taste any better but it’s so much more fun to look at and everyone at the table has an equal chance of getting their fair share, unless of course your table is square, or rectangle.


And you can make it with a heart in the middle for those special occasions, like trash day or Custer’s Last Stand Day. Okay, so Custer’s last stand wasn’t really round like they draw it in pictures but then, maybe it would have been if they had all be enjoying some pasta together rather than fight for their lives. And think of Lady and the Tramp! How much more fun would that have been if the last strand of spaghetti had been served in a round dish!


And whatever this picture is looks so much better round than it did square, or triangular. It doesn’t look real appetizing as it is but let’s be fair, it probably didn’t look all that much better in any shape it came in!


I am not sure if those are olives in the middle of this dish, or just something moldy. But it does look like it would be fun to eat. The fact is, no matter what shape any dish is cooked in it will probably be either pretty good, or pretty bad. Personally, I think there are better things to cook in a Bundt pan than pasta, but then if there were those who like to experiment there would never be a National Noodle Ring Day to celebrate…

How to celebrate – Get those long rectangular boxes of pasta and break it into pieces so that you can cook it in a Bundt pan. Surprise your friends and neighbors by serving them a Bundt pan noodle dish of your very own! (just remember it must contain some sort of pasta). Spend your day making one huge Spaghetti-O for all to enjoy.