December 9th National Pastry Day

Today we celebrate the pastry. Does anything else really need to be said? We should just get started eating because there is no one to particularly thank or pay homage too according to the day, it is all about the pastry itself! (Naturally we would not have pastry if not for the bakers so they deserve some thanks I guess) So determine your favorite pastry, sit down and pig out… oh, and enjoy it.. you’ll be told tomorrow it was bad for you.

How to celebrate – Go to a bakery. Figure out your favorite pastry. Learn how to make your own pastry.


October 14th National Dessert Day

Here’s a day most of us can probably get behind, a day to have your dessert and enjoy it to! Does that make it a just desserts day!?! And what if you have more than one favorite dessert? Well today you can have several if you want. They may not be the best thing for you but one day should be okay. So make your favorite dessert, go to a restaurant and have your favorite dessert or just stare at your favorite dessert through the window but realize, it would be unpatriotic not to eat it today.

How to celebrate – Write down a list of your favorite desserts. Try finding a new favorite dessert. Proceed with at least some caution.

September 1st National Cherry Popover Day

Who ever thought something so simple would be so good! Cherry Popovers qualify for that honor to me, simple and yet so good. Just some flour, eggs, sugar and lots and lots of cherries. They are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even just as a daytime snack. You can even make them out of different kinds of cherries. So how many different types of cherries are there? Well there are close to a thousand different types believe it or not!

How to celebrate – Have a cherry popover. See how many types of cherries you can name. Visit a cherry grove.

April 24th Pigs In A Blanket Day

Well it is that time of year where we celebrate “Pigs In A Blanket Day” once again. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for today to come back around because it will have been an entire year since I was able to have a hot dog wrapped up in pastry! Or was that the last party I went to? Or was it yesterday? Anyway, its another opportunity to have pigs in a blanket and you really do not need an excuse! Chow down and remember, those pigs can be either pork or beef! (And if you are desperate they can even be chicken.)

How to celebrate – Serve up some pigs in a blanket for lunch or supper today. Try different types of pastry to wrap your pig in. Don’t forget the mustard!

January 23rd National Pie Day

I love pie. Nothing against cakes or cookies or any other type of dessert you may choose, they are good too, but pie is normally so flavorful! Most of the time pie is made with fresh fruit, it’s juicy and tasty and satisfies so many senses. The day was created by the American Pie Council, I didn’t even know that existed! Who do they council? Either you like pie or you don’t! Anyway, I am sure they are important, at least they created the day which gives us all a reason to celebrate something! Cherry pie is my favorite, apple pie is apparently the most popular, but pie can be made out of any fruit or even chocolate, lemon (Lemon is a fruit, right?) Key Lime. You name it, it can be made into a pie. Home made, store bought… they are both good.

How to celebrate – Have a pie party! Taste test several pies to see which you like best. List as many pies as you can think of.

June 22nd National Chocolate Eclair Day

Pastry stuff with cream, what more could you ask for? Then, add chocolate to the top of it becomes a masterpiece! I particularly like the little bit sized ones because it doesn’t look like you are eating as much as with the normal sized eclair but in truth, you probably eat more of them because they are so small. They make for great desserts, snacks or in a pinch, even an entire meal! (I do not suggest eating them as a meal but then, who am I to say). Eclairs were created in France somewhere between the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Apparently it took several attempts to come up with the perfect blend. Well I am glad they kept trying because to me, it makes for the perfect treat.

How to celebrate – Buy some eclairs. Make your own eclairs at home. Throw and eclair party with different types of fillings.

December 9th National Pastry Day

Well this ought to be a tasty day! We should thank the French! They call their pastry, patisserie in which case I thank the English for shortening the word. Actually I thank the Pastry Chefs who make the pastry!


I was surprised to find there is more than one type of pastry. There is shortcrust, flaky, puff, choux, phyllo and hot water pastry. Does anyone really care? Probably not so long as you are invited to eat at least one of the varieties.


It’s sort of odd that something so light and airy can be so rich and filling. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy about it, but still amazed. As it should be, the French have made a real art of food with their high point reaching pastry.


I say that because when you consider some of the other dishes the French make might be a bit questionable. Snails strike me right off. I mean, if you like them good for you but I am not sure who saw a snail crawling along the ground and said to themselves, “That looks good enough to eat!”


But back to the subject at hand. I can see someone walking by a table filled with pastries and saying, “That looks good enough to eat! I think I’ll have ten or twenty of them!”

How to celebrate – Have a pastry! Take in some pastries to work today (Or at least pretend to since today is Saturday!) Become your household pastry chef by learning how to cook pastry yourself.