April 4th Walk Around Things Day

I know that having to go around things costs us time and energy, but it could cost us a lot more. If you find things in your way today the best idea is to just walk around them, or move them, or find a way to go over them or under them (Which is probably not possible) You see what happens when football players try to go through other players. In most cases they end up flat on their backs, and so, probably, will you. So do yourself a favor and walk around the things that are in your way.

How to celebrate – Go around things that get in your way. Move things out of place, out of others way. Keep your eyes open as you walk about work, home and even out in nature.

June 1st National Trails Day

One of the world’s most loved pastimes is hiking the trails that nature has provided (And generally man has created). Trails are often human made roads, of a sort, made by foot traffic covering the same path over time. Visit practically any park or forest and you will find some kind of hiking trail for you to explore. They are generally safe to travel on, some having been there for hundreds of years. Since the weather is generally better now and people are beginning to be able to get out and enjoy nature, exploring trails can be both exciting and healthy exercise for you.

How to celebrate – Go for a walk. Travel a famous trail. Enjoy nature.