June 5th National Trails Day

There was a time when trails were like the major highways we travel on today. They got wider and wider as time went on and eventually became roads and highways. Probably the most famous here in America was the Oregon Trail, it was so famous they even made a video game out of it. Today trails are more for our leisure. We travel them when we want to explore nature or get some exercise. This holiday always falls on the first Saturday of June when thew weather is warmer and the sun is, generally, shining. Enjoy the trails and imagine you are a settler traveling over these paths for the first time ever.

How to celebrate – Plan a trip on a trail. Explore different trails in your area. Create new trails for other to explore.

November 17th Take A Hike Day

Nov. 17th Take A Hike Day

There are 60,000 miles of paths to hike on in the National Trail System in the United States. You could go for a walk and take months, if not years, before you return. And this time of year, when the air is cooler and the leaves are still changing colors is a great time to go. No, you don’t have to walk all 60,000 miles but the more you do walk, the better you will feel. Hiking is great exercise and improves your mood and outlook on life. You can actually see what makes this country great! It’s not the highways and the airports, not the high rises and elaborate theaters, it’s not the banks or Wall Street, it is the country, what the settlers fought for, built from nothing and the woods you have the freedom to roam whenever you want.

How to celebrate – Take a walk! Form a club to walk with. Take photos of where you go so you have something to share when you get back.