May 16th Wear Purple For Peace Day

There are always more wars going on than we know of every given day. Whether they are tribal wars in Africa or territorial wars in the Middle East, religious wars in Asia or drug wars in South America if you live in a country that is not currently at war with someone, feel very fortunate. The idea is to wear purple today showing your support for peace, it really is the very least you can do.

How to celebrate – Actively find some way to help those at war. Study where they are wars and police actions in the world today. Enjoy the peace in your country.

November 21st World Hello Day

In 1973, during a war between Israel and Egypt, Brian and Michael McCormick decided to create a day where people simply said hello to each other. Total strangers greeting each other by saying hello in whatever language they spoke. “Greet ten people for peace”. If we all spend time saying “hello” to each other, being civil and kind, maybe we won’t fight as much or find reasons to hate each other when we really have no reason for hating at all. It’s a nice idea and it might work if everyone took it seriously. To greet someone is to open yourself up to the world others live in even if it’s just for a moment and peace is what lives in your heart.

How to celebrate – Say “hello” to at least ten people. Learn to say hello in ten different languages. Try and make the world a better place today.

April 29th Peace Rose Day

April 29th Peace Rose Day

Somewhere between 1935 and 1939, French horticulturist Francis Meilland developed a new rose he wanted to share with the world. Knowing World War 2 was about to begin and that his work would probably be destroyed, he sent cutting of the rose to Italy, Turkey, Germany and the US. In France it was known as the “Madame A. Meilland”, in Italy the “Gioia” (Meaning joy) in Germany the Gloria Dei (Glory to God) and in the US it became known as the Peace Rose because of its association with the End of World War 2 in Europe on April 29th, 1945.

How to celebrate – Grow your own Peace Rose. Read about Francis Meilland. Plant a rose garden.

February 11th National Inventors Day

Today was created by President Ronald Reagan in 1983 on Thomas Edison’s birthday. Imagine life without any inventions. We would still be living in caves (although we may end up there again). Think about everything you have and use, someone had to invent it. Unfortunately, war offers inventors more than peace. Need makes for creation and war creates more need than anything in peacetime. Who knows what we will need next? Let’s hope the inventors come up with it before we actually need it!

How To Celebrate – Invent something. Support any inventors you know. List as many inventors from the past as you can without looking.

December 10th Nobel Prize Day

Today is the day that the Nobel Prize in Academics, Culture and Science. It marks the date that Alfred Nobel died in 1895. The first prize was handed out in 1901. The winners receive a medal, diploma and money and no more than three people can win in each category every year. Nobel himself was a Swedish chemist who held more than 355 patents, the most profitable was dynamite. Nobel felt he could make up for some of the destruction his invention created by honoring those who did not use it.

How to celebrate – Read about Nobel’s patents. Look up the winners since 1901. Learn what qualifies people to receive the Nobel Prize.

November 13th World Kindness Day

The idea of being kind to each other, animals and the environment in theory is a great idea. It may, or may not, be practical for so many reasons but it starts with one person who is willing for kindness to start. A World Kindness Conference was held in Japan in 1996-97. They made a “Declaration of Kindness” on November 13th, 1997. I am sure their intentions were good but you can not impose kindness on someone, it has to come from inside. We talk about it, profess it but rarely practice it. Maybe today we can be kind to each other, even if its just for one day… it would be a start.

How to celebrate – Be kind to each other. Be kind to animals. Be kind to the environment.

September 21st International Peace Day

It seems like since man was introduced to the world we have been at war somewhere. Greed, pride, misunderstanding, hunger – you name it we find a reason to go to war. But today is a day to celebrate peace. Put differences aside and appreciate what we do have and love our neighbors. The United Nations was formed after World War 2 and created International Peace Day on September 21, 1981. It went into effect in 1982 as the third Tuesday of September, but in 2002, it was changed to September 21st.

How to celebrate – Be thankful for what you have, more than what you could have. Stop blaming someone else for all your troubles. Try and figure out what you can do to help someone rather than hurt them. Partipate in the Peace Crane Project:

December 25th Christmas Day

In case you hadn’t heard, today is Christmas. It celebrates the birth of Christ, though no one really knows the exact date He was born. The Catholic Church set this date against a pagan holiday so that Christians, as well as others, would have something to celebrate instead. It has worked out well. The symbols of Christmas surround us this time of year, the Christmas tree standing for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost; Santa for St. Nickolas; the songs for celebration, and the idea of giving gifts just as the Magi gave gifts to Jesus. We distort it, claim it for our own and don’t even know what the true date is but it still stands for the peace and harmony we all strive for. It is a time for family, friends, and even to forgive our enemies. Have a wonderful Christmas whether you believe or not.

How to celebrate – Go to church. Gather your friends and family. Celebrate love.

December 20th Go Caroling Day

Today we offer a gift to everyone, nothing expensive but meant from the heart in wishing everyone joy and peace. It does not matter what religion you are, though it is generally associated with Christmas, it can be any faith and any songs that include goodwill and good wishes. You don’t even need to be a good singer, just willing. It is hard to say when caroling began, it was probably during the times of St. Francis of Assisi in the 13th century as Christians sang songs dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries. In those days, singing for ones supper was a common practice and has most likely been the repeated over the years as caroling….but for now a little eggnog, fruitcake or perhaps just a little goodwill for all.

How to celebrate – Go caroling (no matter your religion). Spread joy to those around you. Show up where you are least expected, but most welcome.

November 21st World Hello Day

It’s funny what comes out of war sometimes. Not that war is funny but people often come up with things they may not otherwise think of. During the Civil War, among other things, it was instant coffee. The Revolutionary War gave us a whole new country! And the War between Egypt and Israel in 1973, it was Hello Day. Brian and Michael McCormack decided that maybe if we greeted ten people each with a “hello” we might eventually achieve Global Peace. Well, things haven’t exactly gone that way, the thought is good, but only if everyone participates. Have you been doing your part?

How to celebrate – Say hello to at least ten people. Try saying hello to people in ten different countries! Learn how to say hello in ten different languages.