April 13th National Peach Cobbler Day

There use to be a favorite dessert made in the 1800’s called suet pudding. It was made from a number of different fruits and other ingredients that were not available to the settlers moving west in America. So, using what they could find they took peaches and mixed in dough and cooked it to replace the suet pudding they were use to. The peach cobbler was born. In fact, you can use practically any fruit and make a cobbler but then the Georgia Peach Council who created today back in the 1950’s would be as happy. And neither would a lot of people who love peaches, served warm and sweet with dough mixed in it and better still, a scoop of vanilla ice cream! It has become one of America’s favorite desserts and has made scores of people happy when served to them.

How to celebrate – Have some peach cobbler. Visit Georgia, where peaches are readily available. Create your own version of a peach cobbler.

April 13th National Peach Cobbler Day

I just planted a Peach tree in my backyard. I figure in another 3 or 4 years I might be able to fix my own fresh peach cobbler. (That is if the tree lives because I have the knack for killing anything I plant.) Here’s a recipe I plan to use, peach cobbler.


National Peach Cobbler Day was started by the Georgia Peach Council to promote canned peaches started somewhere in the 1950’s. They placed it in April when peaches are not normally available. Smart, to make peach cobbler you really need to use peaches that have been canned, or jarred, for a while and made into something softer.


The cobbler was invented, for the most part, when European settlers came across America they were use to a pudding served in Europe that they did not have time to make here, or the ingredients to make it with. So expedite the situation, they made a peach stew and dropped biscuits in the stew creating peach cobbler.


Frankly peaches are not my favorite fruit, it’s good, but I will pass on it if something else is available but put it in a cobbler with a dapple of ice cream and a little whipped cream and you got me! It’s good cold too but so much better hot.


You can even make it is a cake, or pie, form. So you can make a blueberry, blackberry, cherry cobbler and each of them is great! But remember this is National Peach Cobbler Day so at least for today, make it peach!

How to celebrate – Have some peach cobbler today. Invent your own peach cobbler concoction. Plant a peach tree in your backyard and pray it grows.

August 24th National Peach Pie Day

It seems appropriate that as the summer winds down it should do so with a treat that comes from the south and somehow reminds us of a balmy summer evening sitting by a river and watching the sun set. Naturally the peach is most commonly found in “The Peach State”, Georgia. If you go to Atlanta, try and find a road that isn’t name Peach Tree!


No matter how you make it, a good peach pie appeals to practically everybody. Served warm with ice cream or cold by itself, it is sweet, gooey, and fun to eat. Each peach (medium sized), contains 30 calories, 7 g carbohydrates, 1 g protein, 140 mg of potassium, and 8% of the daily requirements of Vitamin C.

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Of course, when you put the peach in a pie with other ingredients, many of those numbers will go up. Or you can be healthy and add things like blueberries. The peach is strong enough to challenge any other flavor of fruit it may be mixed with. A peach by itself does not need sugar added, though in a pie you will probably add sugar. You needn’t peel it, as you would an apple, since the skin is soft and adds to the flavor.


By mixing it with whipped cream, along with other ingredients, youcan make it into a light dessert – a chiffon. Peaches and cream also go well together (though that makes it a little heavier). Add a little mint to spice it up, or maybe some key-lime, that’s a typical southern thing to do!


You can make it as Chantilly by layering in other fruits to make every bite a new and different experience. Or try a recipe of your own.

How to celebrate – Make a peach pie for your family. Go to a peach orchard and pick your own peaches. Peaches are generally picked between June and the end of August. Read or watch James and the Giant Peach. Have a peachy keen day!

June 21st National Peaches n Cream Day

Peaches n Cream is probably the most refreshing summer solstice treat in the world. I remember eating fresh peaches served up with a bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream as a child and knowing that I had just had one of the best moments of my life.

I lived in Illinois at the time and even though peaches are primarily grown in Georgia, Florida, South Carolina and California, they find their way all over the world.


Sometimes they are served on top of ice cream, served hot in a tart or a pie (normally ala mode), or served on top of pancakes or waffles, but nearly every version has cream served with them – a match made in Heaven.


One interesting side note is that the common belief is that Typhoid Mary spread the bacteria around the countryside by cutting up and distributing fresh peaches that were contaminated. So if you indulge, make sure you wash your hands first, and the peaches as well.

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Here are a few recipes you can try out.  Peaches.

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How to celebrate: Find some fresh peaches and make some ice cream.  Throw a Peaches n Cream party!  Go on vacation to Georgia and pick your own peaches. Read or watch James and the Giant Peach!