December 12th National Ding-a-Ling Day

So what is your ding-a-ling? Is it a person, place or thing? The nice thing about a ding-a-ling is that it appears to be different for everyone! There are some obvious references but since a ding-a-ling is not an actual thing it can be used in reference to many, many things. Some people are ding-a-lings. Possibly the most well known ding-a-ling may have been Lucy on the “I Love Lucy” show. Since this is a national day it needs to be a large ding-a-ling that everyone can celebrate.

How to celebrate – Figure out what your ding-a-ling is. Never confuse a ding-a-ling with a ding-dong. If your ding-a-ling happens to be a bell then ring your ding-a-ling.