April 11 National Pet Day

You might as well call this National Family Member Day! Pets, like it or not, become a part of our family, they bring us joy, comfort us and love us even when they don’t have to. They look to us for every part of the being and are generally elated to see us (Well, maybe not cats). And we think of pets as the usual cat or dog, rabbit or hamster, bird… whatever, but I have had pet cattle, horses and even, at times, creatures that probably should have stayed wild But it doesn’t matter, they are loved by us and so therefore are our pets.Today was created by Colleen Page back in 2006.

How to celebrate – Love your pet. Rescue a pet. Make you house a home with a pet.


March 3rd If Pets Had Thumbs Day

If our pets had thumbs they could do a lot more for themselves. However, do we really want them to do a lot more for themselves? Yes, it would be no doubt a mess daily to clean up but it’s sort of nice having something, or someone, need us for something, or maybe even everything. If they had thumbs they could do more for us too, but then they wouldn’t be pets… they’d be more like servants. In short, if pets had thumbs they wouldn’t need us at all which would be very sad and very disappointing. I think they are pretty much perfect the way they are so why mess with them?

How to celebrate – Imagine you cat or dog being able to do everything for themselves. Imagine taking your pet to lunch at their favorite place to eat. Imagine your pet not needing you for anything.

September 17th National Pet Bird Day

Over six million homes are filled with the joyful music pet birds bring into them. They are assisted by the Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition group which yes, their initials do spell out BEAK. Koalition is apparently a word used in Europe for alliance or unity. Do be prepared though in make a pet of a bird. They are fun and delightful to listen to but they do make a huge mess. And if they do talk, never teach them to say “Here kitty, kitty.”

How to celebrate – Check out all the birds you can make pets out of. Birds have been pets since the 4000 BC, your not getting a totally exotic pet. Make sure your bird has plenty to eat and clean water to drink.

September 8th National Iguana Awareness Day

September 8th National Iguana Awareness Day

So, if you have an Iguana as a pet, today is your day to celebrate! Even if you don’t have an iguana for your pet, you are welcome to celebrate as well. They are very good pets, affectionate and if taken care of properly can live several decades in captivity (hence the awareness part of the day). Do be aware that Iguanas do not like cold weather, any cold weather, anywhere!

How to celebrate – Get an Iguana for a pet (but not if you live in cold areas which may even include places like Miami). Check with a Vet about the care of Iguanas. I’m not so sure about the affectionate part but if you like lizards crawling on you, go for it.

August 8th International Cat Day

So today we celebrate the household cat, all 500 million of them worldwide. Here in the US there are 95 million alone, I sort of would have expected more. We have 10, well nine that stay with us and one that wanders. Every day they find some reason to hate each other but eventually, around suppertime, find a way to get along. The oldest cat known to have lived was Creme Puff who lived to be 38 years and 3 days old. That’s a long time for any animal with a few exceptions. Today was created by in International Fund for Animal Welfare in 2002.

How to celebrate – Check to see how many cats live at your house, you might be surprised. Cats were originally a working animal used to keep the rodent population down. There are 40 different species of cats, yes that includes tigers, leopards, see how many you can name.

February 28th National Cupcake Day

Today is National Cupcake Day… in Canada. So why not celebrate our northern neighbor’s holiday!?! And I particularly like this one because it is used to help the SPCA and Humane Organizations in Canada. It helps our friends the animals we all love.

It always falls on the last Monday of February so the date does change but the intent does not. I have been wondering if dogs know how happy they generally make us. They certainly make us better people. Cats, horses, rabbits… whatever the animal we have as friends do make us better than we would be without them.

And better yet, we get to eat cupcakes to show our support for them. How sweet is that! And maybe we can even find an animal healthy cupcake for them to enjoy with us! Just make sure you don’t mix them up!

How to celebrate – Help out our pets today whether they are Canadian or in the United States. Make some pet friendly cupcakes. Visit Canada.

February 20th Love Your Pet Day

This should really be every day of the year, not just the 20th of February, but if you have to put a day out there to remind you then I guess this day is just as good as any other. For the most part, you picked your pet and they fell in love with you because you cared for them. They may not always act the way you would like them to, but still, they love you, you should love them back; they really ask for little more. I have the greatest dog ever and it’s all because someone gave her up because she played with and tore up their shoes. Their loss, I won.

How to celebrate – Love your pet. Take them to a park unless they are a bird or another leash-less animal. Give your pet a special treat, just for them.

January 31st National Train Your Dog Month

JANUARY Month National Train Your Dog Month

Dogs are our best friends, but they still need to be taught the rights and wrongs and what they are allowed to get away with by their owners. Normally, a dog that is trained is a happy dog since most dogs just want to please their masters. And you can train your dog to do a number of different things, some are tricks and some are considered work. Enjoy your dog and train them to be the best friend you’ve ever had.

How to celebrate – Teach your old dogs new tricks, Always use a reward system. Let your dog be a dog.

January 14th Dress Up Your Pet Day

If you find your pet hiding from you today it’s probably because they remember this day from last year. Yes, I know, they look cute and they probably like the extra attention, just not the results. Today was created by Colleen Paige, an animal expert. I’m not really sure why an animal expert would create a day like today but then, I guess they know better than I do. I know my pets love to get attention and love to spend time with me until I start to dress them up.

How to celebrate – Dress up your pet. Get your pictures quick, they won’t stand still for very long. Live and let live.

August 26th National Dog Day

If you are a dog lover this day comes every day! Dogs are truly man’s best friend. That’s not holding anything against cats or birds or any other pet you choose to keep, But dogs and man go together like soup and sandwich, cookies and milk, pb & j… well you get the picture. I’m not sure one can survive without the other. Take care of your dog, love your dog, spend time with your dog and they will reward you time and time again. Today was created in 2004 by Colleen Paige, Pet Lifestyle Expert. And yes, the picture for today is the same as the one for yesterday because … well … it just seems to fit!

How to celebrate – Love your dog. Give your dog some special treats today. Make friends with your best friend all over again today.