January 15th Museum Selfie Day

January 15th Museum Selfie Day

Some calendars show today as the museum selfie day, others show the 21st as museum selfie day so it is your pick. The general idea for either day you choose, or both if you like, is to show your support for a museum, or museums, of your choice. It’s pretty simple. Take a selfie of yourself in front of a museum. It shows you have class, even if you didn’t go inside. The day was created in London by blogger Mar Dixson, who I assume went into the museum as well as took the selfie out front of it. No one will know either way and it does give free advertisement to the museum which is a good thing. Make sure you take your selfie outside as most museums do not allow photos inside, which could create Jail Selfie Day.

How to celebrate – Locate the museums in your area. Go to said museum(s) and take a selfie. Be sure to post it to social media so you get credit.

June 15th National Nature Photography Day

Nature provides us with more beautiful scenes than we could ever create on our own.  It also provides humor and awe and in an attempt to capture some of that we take pictures so that we can remember.


Nature photographers don’t often get the glory that other photographers get. After all, they are just capturing something that is already there… but there is an art to it, just like any other kind of photography. Actually, there may even be more of an art to capture Mother Nature than in any other form of photography.  While nature provides the subject, it often requires a lot of effort to get the shot.


It can  require traveling and planning, having to be at the right spot at just the right time with the right equipment exactly when nature provides the opportunity. It also takes more observation, the photographer seeing things most of us just take for granted.


Anybody can create a shot in a studio. It’s a totally controlled environment using material set up by set decorators and lighting that can be adjusted to make the shot look, natural. Nature does not offer those same opportunities.


And occasionally, even the nature photographer is surprised by the results. The day was created by the North American Nature Photography Association in 2006. (NANPA was created 1994.)

How to celebrate – Grab you camera and become a nature photographer yourself. Go to an art exhibition featuring photography taken in nature. Make a picture say a thousand words.

July 11th All American Pet Photo Day

It’s fun to dress our pets up and take pictures of them. They can’t get much cuter and while we know down deep they hate it, we love it. They put up with it because they love us and want to please us. Most of the photos are of dogs, as most cats simply won’t put up with it. Occasionally you can get a cat to pose, maybe even put them in some sort of outfit, but be warned, they will get their revenge sometime, somewhere.


Horses can be used from time-to-time.  Nothing against horses but they don’t really know any better. Give them an apple or a cube of sugar and they will let you do practically anything to them.


It is the dog that most likely will end up in our All American Pet Photos.


But maybe there is another reason why they allow us to take their pictures. Maybe in their love for us they become the true patriots amongst us. They don’t ask why, and they may fuss, but they will do what we want and quite often take it a step further, like….


Chips, a Collie, German Shepherd, Siberian Huskie mix, who was the most decorated dog of World War 2. He won the Silver Star, the Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Service medals. Of course the Army took them away but he knew he was a hero. He survived the war, returning home to live out the rest of his life.

Today, dogs serve us in many ways. They are not only our friends and our buddies, they guard our military bases, assist our law enforcement officers, search for drugs and explosives, and provide their special noses in finding those who need rescuing.

So when you are taking your pictures of your cute fuzzies think about it for a moment.


Maybe we should be taking pictures of ourselves and giving it to them instead. There are times when pets are the true heroes, the true patriots because they do what they do without question, all for the love of their people.


How to celebrate – Give your dog, cat, horse, or whatever a hug for putting up with you. Make sure to give them a treat for stepping beyond what they have to do. Just love them as much as they love you and they will be happy forever.