June 8th National Insect Appreciation Day

June 8th National Insect Appreciation Day

Here is an odd day. Not many of us actually appreciate insects but I guess there are a few who do. Today is sort of about appreciating the insects that fill our lives with itching and spoiling food and so on, but it is about how well you take pictures of them. So if you think it celebrates any one type of bug, you’d be wrong. It celebrates the taking of pictures of those same bugs. Lady Bugs do serve us pretty well, chasing away other insects that tend to spoil our gardens and I suppose there are other useful insects as well.

How to celebrate – Get your camera out and take pictures of insects. Get the whole family looks of different insects. Take care filming the ones that are harmful to man like ticks.

October 21st World Toy Camera Day

October 21st World Toy Camera Day


What child hasn’t had a toy camera? They go all over the place taking pretend pictures that at least in their minds is going to turn out perfectly! WTCD.org hopes that trend will continue as they created today, they also happen to sell toy cameras.


The only difference here is that they consider older cameras, real ones, to be toys. I’m not really sure if they are making fun of the day or taking themselves seriously but since they created it aren’t they sort of making fun of themselves!

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How to celebrate – Take your old camera out and take some pictures you can send to WTCD.org. Buy your child a toy camera. Read a book about photography.

June 15th National Nature Photography Day

Nature provides us with more beautiful scenes than we could ever create on our own.  It also provides humor and awe and in an attempt to capture some of that we take pictures so that we can remember.


Nature photographers don’t often get the glory that other photographers get. After all, they are just capturing something that is already there… but there is an art to it, just like any other kind of photography. Actually, there may even be more of an art to capture Mother Nature than in any other form of photography.  While nature provides the subject, it often requires a lot of effort to get the shot.


It can  require traveling and planning, having to be at the right spot at just the right time with the right equipment exactly when nature provides the opportunity. It also takes more observation, the photographer seeing things most of us just take for granted.


Anybody can create a shot in a studio. It’s a totally controlled environment using material set up by set decorators and lighting that can be adjusted to make the shot look, natural. Nature does not offer those same opportunities.


And occasionally, even the nature photographer is surprised by the results. The day was created by the North American Nature Photography Association in 2006. (NANPA was created 1994.)

How to celebrate – Grab you camera and become a nature photographer yourself. Go to an art exhibition featuring photography taken in nature. Make a picture say a thousand words.

Stephs Cheers and Jeers May 2016 Review

Original Post: http://stephscheersandjeers.com/may-unboxing-bizarre-box/


May Unboxing the Bizarre Box


It’s May and for me that means Star Wars Day! I was really excited to team up with Unboxing the Bizarre this month because they included a Star Wars themed item in their box this month!

Unboxing the Bizarre  is a monthly subscription box that features wacky and bizarre items that are cultured around a theme every single month. They offer two different boxes to choose from, the first box is their standard box which contains at least 4 items (1 x 4 holidays) based on 4 different weird, wacky, and offbeat holidays for the upcoming month. The second box is their deluxe box which contains all of the items from the standard box plus  one or more items from a traditional mainstream holiday of the month. Chocked full of over $80 of wacky, wild, and downright fun items every month. The standard box is $39.95 a month plus $8.99 shipping and the deluxe box is $49.95 a month plus $9.99 shipping.


The Holidays being celebrated with this box are

  • Star War Day on May 4th
  • Space Day on May 6th
  • National Golf Day on May 18th
  • World Lindy Hop Day on May 26

The items I received are

  • Darth Vader Blanket
  • Neapolitan Flavored Astronaut Ice Cream
  • Desktop Mini Golf
  • Swing Dance Special CD

Because I am a HUGE Star Wars fan I was super excited to see the Darth Vadar blanket! It’s a nice sized throw blanket(60″ x 80″) and SUPER soft! The Astronaut Ice Cream was really interesting to try and I actually had no idea about Space Day, National Golf Day or World Lindy Hop Day. The Desktop Mini Golf was a really cool and fun concept and I LOVED the Swing Dance CD! I am a huge fan of that type of music so the CD was great! I am overall very impressed with the May Unboxing the Bizarre box I received and this is a GREAT box for someone like myself who LOVES the weird and bizarre!




May Box Subscriber Pictures

Thank you @davinci_mainecoon for sharing their fuzzy babies loving our blanket!