March 2nd National Banana Cream Pie Day

Cream pies are one of the world’s most favorite desserts. They are sweet, creamy and generally filled with some sort of fruit flavoring. Among the top flavors is the Banana Cream Pie sort of like having a piece of pie filled with banana pudding. Cream pies came from French tarts, sweetened for those in the upper crust of society as sugar was very, very expensive. In fact, nearly any kind of fruit can be used to make a cream pie with banana ranking in the top 5.

How to celebrate – Make a banana cream pie. Buy a banana cream pie. Have a cream pie party.


February 20th Cherry Pie Day

While we all know that thing with George Washington and the cherry tree wasn’t true, I’ll bet Washington did eat cherry pie! I mean, I’d cut down a cherry tree for a piece of cherry pie. Naturally, that doesn’t make much sense because then when you wanted more cherry pie you couldn’t get it because you had destroyed the tree that provided the fruit. Need to think these things through sometimes! I do love cherry pie! I love practically anything cherry, but pie is my favorite. It can be sweet or tart, doesn’t really matter. And I think George Washington would approve.

How to celebrate – Have some cherry pie. Make a cherry pie. Visit a cherry orchard.

December 25th Pumpkin Pie Day

Pumpkin pie has been a part of the American diet since, well… since America has been America, and before. It is mentioned in Hannah Woolley’s Cookbook, written in English, in 1675. It has remained popular ever since, even featured in the 1844 song/poem, “Over The River And Through The Woods” with a line devoted to pumpkin pie in the lyrics. While it is most thought of with Thanksgiving affairs, it is equally as good during Christmas. In fact, it’s pretty good nearly any time of the year!

How to celebrate – Have some pumpkin pie. Find the lyric in “Over The River And Through The Woods”. Have a Merry Christmas.

October 14th National Dessert Day

Finally a day we can all really enjoy, National Dessert Day!!! Pig pout on your favorite dessert today, or favorite desserts. (No one said it had to be only one kind of dessert!) Naturally some desserts are better for you than others…. a bowl of unsweetened fruit is far better that a bowl of Milky Ways! But this is the day to allow yourself to have something sweet, just because. And we all need that. If we deny ourselves any luxury we will eventually become grumpy, maybe a bit more healthy, but very, very grumpy. So indulge, enjoy, and diet tomorrow!

How to celebrate – Enjoy your favorite dessert(s). List all your favorite desserts to make sure you don;t forget one. Sample some new desserts, who knows, maybe you’ll find a new one thast becomes your favorite!

July 12th Pecan Pie Day

One of my all time favorite desserts, Pecan Pie! It’s almost as American as Apple Pie, maybe even a little bit more because, after all, aren’t all American’s a little bit nuts! Well, whether nuts or not I’ll leave that up to you because today I can have some Pecan Pie! I wish I could say it was a healthy treat since it’s got nuts and all in it but is shares the same fate as Apple Pie because frankly, no pie is healthy but who cares…. it’s Pie!!! Here’s a recipe for pecan pie in case you want to make your own.

How to celebrate – Have some pecan pie. Learn about all the different types of pecan pie. Test your home made pie against a store bought one.

February 20th National Cherry Pie Day

Today is a day to celebrate America’s, or at least the United States, second most favorite pie, the cherry pie! Well, it is my favorite as I like it over apple, the most popular according to the polls. And while apple pie is considered the American pie, I believe cherry pie should be America’s pie.

After all, George Washington featured the cherry tree, which makes the cherry, which makes the cherry pie! Johnny Appleseed came along a long time afterwards! Of course, the cherry blossom is big in Japan so maybe that’s why they chose the apple pie… I don’t know. I think the important thing here is that someone made a study of what pie American’s liked best… like that was really important.

There is nothing like a warm piece of cherry pie with some vanilla ice cream on a cool winter’s evening!

How to celebrate – Have a piece of cherry pie. Find out the truth behind George Washington’s claim to have chopped down a cherry tree. Try a cherry tart!

October 14th National Dessert Day

Here’s a day most of us can probably get behind, a day to have your dessert and enjoy it to! Does that make it a just desserts day!?! And what if you have more than one favorite dessert? Well today you can have several if you want. They may not be the best thing for you but one day should be okay. So make your favorite dessert, go to a restaurant and have your favorite dessert or just stare at your favorite dessert through the window but realize, it would be unpatriotic not to eat it today.

How to celebrate – Write down a list of your favorite desserts. Try finding a new favorite dessert. Proceed with at least some caution.

July 12th Pecan Pie Day

One of my all time favorites, it’s time for Pecan Pie! I am not sure when it’s not time for pecan pie, I mean I don’t think there is a pecan pie season is there? Although it is a little heavier than most pies which makes me think more of the winter months it does go well any time and apparently someone thought a heavier pie is just fine for the middle of summer. I agree! Go ahead, go nuts and have some pie!

How to celebrate – Have some pecan pie. Make enough pecan pies to share with neighbors. Try making some other type of nut pies.

January 23rd National Pie Day

So what is your favorite dessert? For me, it’s pie. Today was created by the American Pie Council, which frankly I didn’t even know one existed. And even worse, I’m not sure why we even need one. That’s not knocking them, I love pie so anyone who promotes pie is okay by me. There are so many flavors that practically anybodies taste can be met. Apple, Cherry, Blueberry, Pecan, Chocolate Silk… the list can go on and on.

How to celebrate – Have a piece of pie today. Bake a pie today. List as many types of pie as you can.

October 17th Sweetest Day

Okay, so like we needed another excuse to eat more candy and sweets. Well, add the third Saturday in October as another reason to celebrate something sweet to eat. The day was created by Herbert Birch Kingston in Cleveland, Ohio in 1922. This day originally was created to get sweets to those who could not afford them but as with most well intended ideas, it found a life of its own. So it’s sort of a mini Valentine’s Day today with the exception that it includes all kinds of sweets, not just candy.

How to celebrate – Give something sweet to someone you love. Provide something sweet to those who cannot afford them. Make someones life sweeter.