June 15th Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day was created back in 2007 by the European Wind Energy Association as it explored and began the operation of harnessing the wind to provide power. It isn’t particularly a new idea, man has been using wind for centuries to power his needs. The windmills, shipping and piracy all used wind to propel them into the future. We are still working on the idea, a clean form of energy, though it still needs perfecting. It’s another of those great ideas that Mother Nature offers man needs to use to it’s fullest.

How to celebrate – Study all the different things wind has powered over the years. Build your own wind power source. Discover the best areas in the world for wind.

September 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Rrrr… it be that day a’gin to talk like a mate board a ship o’ pirates! Landlubbers kin stay in their hammocks fer the day as we hoist the mizen and part fer better seas. And if you’ve the mind, you can clap the thunder to celebrate as ye toast me hearties and their hornswoogerin’ days on the High Seas! This day is owed to them pirates John Baur and Mark Summers what begun it in 1995.

How to celebrate – Talk like a pirate. Sail the Seven Seas. Buy a pirate hat.

September 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Aye, it be that day yet again! “R” ye ready, matey? It be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Shiver me timbers, t’was just a league ago t’was the day but a year ago! T’were Captains Baur and Summers what created the day back in 1995 when Captain Summer set his sails on September 19th, his Wench’s birthday. So blow the man down t’is the day to annoy ye mess mates and fish fodders with ye best rendition of being a pirate!

How to celebrate – Talk like a pirate today. Go sailing. Be the Captain of your own ship.

September 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Well, pirates were International so I guess talking like a pirate is good in any language! The day was created by John Baur and Mark Summers on June 6th, 1995 but Mark’s wife’s birthday is September 19th so he moved the day to celebrate her birthday (does this mean she reminds him of a pirate?). Anyway, it’s meant to be a fun day talking like you imagine a pirate talked. I wonder how you say “ARRR” in French or German? Pirates were always able to get their message across no matter what language they spoke, hope you have the same luck!

How to celebrate – Talk like a pirate! If you don’t think people are getting your message, dress like a pirate. Look up all the terms pirates used so you can be the very best pirate you can be.

February 1st Robinson Crusoe Day

Robinson Crusoe Day – February 1st

Robinson Crusoe was stranded on a tropical island for 28 years, having to deal with all sorts of wild life, and wild people. His tales of heroism, as told by Daniel Defoe in 1719, has become one of the greatest adventures of all time. Of course, a lot of it comes from the authors creative mind… but not all of it. It is based on the adventures of a Scotsman, Alexander Selkirk, who was stranded for 4 years on an island off Chile. And today actually celebrates the day Selkirk was rescued, February 1st, 1709.

How to celebrate – Find your own island to get lost on. Read “Robinson Crusoe”. Learn how to sail correctly.

September 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

There seems to be a strong interest in pirates these days. Maybe it’s the romance of the era (though romance had nothing to do with being a pirate), the open seas (though many pirates spent a great deal of their time hiding), or the way they dressed (layers of clothing making them extremely hot). Well “Avast Ye” (meaning pay attention) you Freebooters (a term for a pirate)…it comes from a racquet ball game.


John Baur and Mark Summers were playing racquet ball on June 6th, 1995 when they began to talk like a pirate to each other. Naturally, one thing led to another and they decided they needed to create a day for their lingo. Mark chose September 19th because it was his wife’s birthday – “Blimey” (meaning surprise). I wonder if he was “Three Sheets To The Wind” (drunk).

download (2)

Of course, maybe his wife liked to dress like a pirate, which today can be very sexy. I doubt he meant to call her a “Scallywag” (an insult) and definitely not a “Hornswaggler” (a cheat).  It’s fun to speak pirate speak. Sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of sense but who cares.

Sadly this year Krispy Kreme is not giving a free doughnut if you go in and talk like a pirate to them.

It does make me wonder though, do pirates have a “Talk like a normal person Day”? And then there is always, “what makes a normal person person normal”?


How to celebrate – Use a lot of “Rrrrrs” today. Read a book about pirates. Go play racquet ball.

August 16th National Rum Day

August 16th National Rum Day


The pirates drink of choice… maybe because it was so easy to get. Rum comes from molasses or sugar cane and blends well with many different types of mixers. It comes in many flavors these days for those who seek variety.


The most sought-after rum seems to come from the Caribbean Islands, perhaps why it was the pirates drink of choice. It also may have led indirectly to the American Revolution when the Crown placed a tax on sugar, in 1764, that helped start the disenchantment between England and America.


How to celebrate – Have some rum tonight! (If you are old enough) Explore the different types and flavors of rum. Invent your own special rum drink.

June 8th National Name Your Poison Day

Name Your Poison Day June 8th, 2018

National Name Your Poison Day


Name your poison has long been referred to from old pirate or old west days in historical legend. It is a bartenders way of asking what sort of drink do you want, since alcohol was considered poison. However, the truth of name your poison actually falls on making choices.


In many cases, no matter which choice you make you might end up losing. So the idea of choosing your poison means, since neither choice is a good one, which way will you go.


It falls right in with choosing between a rock and a hard place or choosing to teach by tough love.


How to celebrate – Go to a bar and “Name your poison”. Take the day to make some of tough decisions you have been waiting to make. Dress up like an old west pirate.

September 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Sept. 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Rrrr… matey, speak up or walk the plank! Hoist those sails and prepare to get under way today with a true adventure of parley and codes (Really just more guidelines) with your friends, customers and fellow employees. (Or shall we call them shipmates?) So shiver me timbers, a-yast me hearties and remember to swab the decks before you go ashore.

The Capture of the Pirate Blackbeard, 1718
SSI39781 The Capture of the Pirate Blackbeard, 1718 by Ferris, Jean Leon Gerome (1863-1930); Private Collection; American, out of copyright

Created by Cap’N Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket in 2008. However, John Baur and Mark Summer also claim to have created the day on September 19th, 1995. (Mark Summers wife’s birthday.)


How to celebrate – Well, simple enough, talk like a pirate! Watch the new Disney “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.  Make sure others know it is Talk Like A Pirate Day so people don’t think you really are one!


June 8th National Name Your Poison Day

Name your poison started out as a pretty bad thing, we think. I mean, if your name was Socrates it would mean a whole lot more than just making a choice. But today we associate the saying most with making a choice on what drink you want to drink.


Rye, whiskey, rum, vodka… which will it be? Of course for a pirate, your choice would be rum. It’s just hard to imagine a pirate asking for a Shirley Temple… naturally Shirley Temple wasn’t around in their day making the choice a little easier (or was she?)


But choosing your poison isn’t really about alcohol, it’s about choice. Which way will you choose to go? You can go this way or that way and you can only hope you choose you make the right decision. Realize though, what is right for one may not be right for the other!


There are some choices you don’t want to have to make though and you certainly hope they are not made for you. The idea of name your poison doesn’t start out well in either case. Implying of course that neither choice is going to be particularly good since poison is still poison no matter which one you choose!

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Well, pick the door you are going to open and go right in. After all, since you opened it, either you go in or whatever is in there is going to come out.

How to celebrate – Have a drink today choosing your own poison! Offer up a choice of “poison” to your friends or family. Throw a pirate party.