September 5th Cheese Pizza Day

One of the world’s most favorite foods is pizza. Of all the types of pizza made, cheese if the most popular. And why not, cheese is really all you need to have to make for the nearly perfect meal ever! Note it does not mention which kind, or kinds of cheese you can use. So long as it melts it will work. You can have thin crust, flat bread, deep dish… as long as it’s round, square or triangular it still can be pizza! And although many of us enjoy adding toppings today is all about the original, plain cheese!

How to celebrate – Make some pizza today. Experiment with different types of cheese. Try white pizza verses regular pizza.

May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

May 22nd National Pizza Party Day

Always the 3rd Friday in May, today is National Pizza Party Day. I could find no evidence of who created the day but it was probably one of the pizza venders trying to sell more pizzas! It is believed that pizza originated with Alexander the Greats army as they conquered much of the Middle East. Soldiers would take pita bread and place it on their shields in the direct sun. They added oil and herbs, and probably whatever else they had available to make a meal for the march ahead. It was the Italians that turned into what we know today as pizza and nearly everybody in the world loves some sort of pizza. So, in a way, it’s a world wide party day!

How to celebrate – Have a pizza today. Make your own pizza if you are the march to somewhere. Have a pizza sampling party with pizza styles from all over the world.

February 9th National Pizza Day

Finally a day most of us can enjoy, National Pizza Day! Since over 3 billion are sold every year in the US it sort of proves American’s love pizza. The first place pizzas were sold was in Naples, Italy in 1738. That makes most think it was an Italian invention That probably isn’t true, in fact the Greek soldiers with Alexander the Great were known to eat a pizza like flatbread while on the march. And what’s the largest American pizza day of the year? Naturally, Super Bowl Sunday.

How to celebrate – Get some pizza today! Learn how to make your own pizza from scratch. Try several of the newer types of pizza to expand your horizons.

February 9th National Pizza Day

I don’t know hardly anybody who doesn’t like pizza. It seems to be that one food that nearly everyone can find a flavor or style that they can enjoy. Deep-dish, thin crust, Sicilian, Neapolitan, Greek, Hawaiian… you name it, someone makes it. You can cover it in all sorts of different meats, vegetables and even fruit! What’s not to love!?! You can have it for supper, lunch or even breakfast! It is believed that the first pizza ever sold was in Naples, Italy back in 1738. The first made may have come from the Greeks in Alexander’s army moving across the Middle East. Who knows, but we do know that over 3 billion are sold every year in the US.

How to celebrate – Have some pizza! Try a style of pizza you haven’t had before. Make a list of as many toppings as you can remember.

September 5th Cheese Pizza Day

Why mess with a good thing? Cheese pizza is great before you add any of the usual toppings – pepperoni, onions, black olives… you name it. When you were a kid you wouldn’t touch any of the rest of that stuff, it was cheese or nothing. As you get older you realize you can pick that stuff off but then what do you do with it? Actually, the original pizza probably didn’t have cheese on it either. Pizza didn’t originate in Italy either, it is probably a Greek soldier thing. They put spices and herbs on flat bread and let it bake in the sun. Maybe they had a little cheese, but probably not. However today it’s all about the cheese, the more the better.

How to celebrate – Have a cheese pizza! Experiment with different types of cheese. Try a white pizza.

February 9th National Pizza Day

This is one of my favorite holidays of the entire year! Well, maybe it’s not really a real holiday, but of the not so real holidays this is may favorite. I love pizza! I am one of the national average American’s when it comes to eating pizza, that’s 23 pounds of pizza a year. Over 3 billion pizzas are sold every year in the US, the most coming at Superbowl Sunday and second, oddly, Halloween!

No one knows exactly when pizza was invented. I have heard it was the Greek soldiers with Alexander who used to bake cheese and herbs on pita bread on top of their shields. Maybe true, but like most everything else, it was probably first served up by the Chinese.

Chow Mein pizza, yum. And yes I know chow mein is actually an American dish. I wonder how you use the chopsticks!?!

How to celebrate – Order pizza today. Make your own pizza today. Try a white pizza for a change.

September 5th National Cheese Pizza Day

Doesn’t all pizza start out as cheese pizza? Well, most I guess. I have never met anyone who said, “Ewe, its cheese pizza, I don’t want any!” Unless of course they didn’t like pizza in the first place, which seems kind of rare.

images (1)

To me, the more cheese the better so, bring it on! Three cheese, ten cheese, fifty cheese… well, maybe fifty is a bit much. There is nothing like pulling that first piece of pizza out of the box and watch the strings of cheese try to pull it back. Of course it never wins.


We all know the story of how pizza got it’s start… Greece… Italy… New York City… No real need of covering that story again, for like the tenth time. Naturally children seem to love cheese pizza best. The older you get the more open you get to new and different flavors. Adding ingredients becomes a challenge and yet it all starts with the cheese pizza.

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And if everyone else wants meat or vegetables, or both, on their pizza, there is always the individual cheese pizza. You can always pick off things like pepperoni from the pizza and it instantly becomes a cheese pizza once again! Chopped vegetables take a little more effort to remove.


But since today is National Cheese Pizza Day, it really should be celebrated by having only cheese pizza! If you want, you can add all that extra stuff afterwards.

How to celebrate – Have cheese pizza today. Try making your own pizza with a different type of cheese. Share your personal pan pizza with someone you love.

April 5th National Deep Dish Pizza Day

April 5th National Deep-Dish Pizza Day


It was probably not the Italians that invented the pizza. History shows us it was the Greeks, actually Greek soldiers. Byzantine Greek’s calls pizza, “nita”, meaning “pie. The Romans added Bay Leaves and certainly advanced the world’s knowledge of pizza.


Though it probably was here in America before 1905, the first official pizza was sold that year. Since then (According to 1997 statistics) 2 billion pounds of pizza are made a year.


How to celebrate – Have a pizza. Create your own style of pizza. Re-enact being a Greek soldier.

February 9th National Pizza Day

Americans, on average, eat 23 pounds of pizza per person a year. Over 3 billion pizzas are sold per year in America. So do you think we Americans like pizza??!?


We find new and different ways to indulge, such as taking a cheeseburger and fries and turning it into all things – a pizza, of course. Some even make fruit covered pizzas, dipped in chocolate for a different kind of dessert. Some people try to make it healthier by covering it in vegetables, while others don’t care and add every type of meat they can think of.


No one is exactly sure where pizza came from, but it was probably not Italian to start with. There is a theory that pizza came from the Greek soldiers traveling with Alexander the Great. Given their daily ration of a flat bread they would spread it out over their shield and put whatever seasoning and vegetables they could find on it. Oil was added to keep the bread soft and soak in the seasoning.


The 2 most popular days for eating pizza are Super Bowl Sunday and Halloween. (after the last Super Bowl I can only imagine it is also the most popular day for antacid too!) 17% of all restaurants in the US sell pizza. The first original pizza was sold in Naples, Italy in 1738.


So do like the Roman’s do, eat pizza!

How to celebrate – Have a pizza today! Share a pizza with a friend today! Make up your own special type of pizza.

May 28th National Hamburger Day

With summer coming, or in some places already here, the idea of swimming pools, lemonade, and cookouts begin to fill our thoughts. What spells summer more than an outdoor cookout while you enjoy a cool lemonade by the pool.

So where did the hamburger come from?  There are many that claim ownership of the ground beef delight. Congress recognizes Louise Lassen, a Dutch immigrant (legal), who created the treat in 1900 as reported by Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro. But that would not explain the reports in the Boston Journal in 1884 or the Chicago Tribune in 1896.  Others have claimed to have invented the hamburger, namely Charlie Nagreen, Frank and Charles Menches, Oscar Weber Bilby, Fletcher David, and Otto Kuase ,who later founded White Castle, and whose claim goes back to 1891.

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It may have even been first served in Germany, though most believe it was created in the US. The UK has its own version, generally made out of either turkey or bison.

The world’s largest hamburger is not in debate though, created by the Black Bear Casino in Carlton, Minnesota, in 2012 –  weighing 2014 pounds. Even Wimpie would be impressed by that.

images (4)

And lets remember that hamburger is also a part of tacos, pizza, spaghetti, meatballs, picadillo, egg rolls, chili, nachos, pot pies, stuffed potatoes, meatloaf…

So just start a cookout in your backyard and see how many neighbors are your friends!  Find kids you never knew you had. You might even discover a pet that has been missing all winter reappears.

images (3)

How to celebrate: Have a cookout this holiday weekend. Try to fix your own 2,000 pound hamburger. Go to McDonalds or any other burger joint you prefer.