May 19th World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

There is nothing like the joy of gathering in your first vegetable you planted and serving it for dinner, or as a snack. The idea that you grew it, raised it and helped it grow into something useful for you and your family is something extremely rewarding. Now multiply that by growing an entire garden filled with every type of vegetable you like, and maybe even a few you don’t care for. The reward is high. Today was created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2019.

How to celebrate – Plant your own vegetable garden. Learn when you harvest your vegetables. Start a vegetable growing garden club.


April 29th Greenery Day

Today we celebrate Japanese Emperor Hirohito’s death in 1989 after living for 88 years in love with nature and wishing to commune with nature at every opportunity, which was pretty easy for the Emperor of Japan since they were expected to do little else. However Hirohito did truly love nature and all that goes along with it. It’s a little odd that they waited until he died to honor him with his greatest love of life.

How to celebrate – Spend the day with nature. Tend your garden. Visit Japan.

April 13th International Plant Appreciation Day

The day may be over shortly after you finish saving what day it is! However, that said. today is all about appreciating those plants around you no matter where you are in the world. Each region has it’s own plants, each as beautiful as the next and each as useful as the next. It is a part of Mother Nature’s Art show she puts on around us that we are far too often too busy to even look at, let alone enjoy. Well stop and smell the roses today, literally!

How to celebrate – Enjoy the plants around you. Learn what those plants are! Tend your garden.

March 12th Plant A Flower Day

Winter is finally over; it was beautiful while it was here but it’s time to add some color back into our lives and perhaps the best way to do that is to plant some flowers. What a wonderful way to add that color and to make the world smell nice again after the bleakness of winter. It sort of makes you feel alive again, seeing things grow around you, blossom and bloom.

How to celebrate – Plant your favorite flowers. Plant an entire flower garden. Take pictures of the flowers’ progress as they grow.

January 28th National Seed Swap Day

There is no question that different plants grow in different regions of the world. The idea of getting hold of the seeds so you can plant them in your area is the intent behind the National Seed Swap Day started by Kathy Jentz, editor and publisher of the Washington Garden Magazine, She created today on January 26th, 2006. (No word on how it ended up on the 28th) Still the idea is great for any plant, flower or even things you can eat. They might not grow in your climate, or due to the soil you have, but it is fun to try anyway.

How to celebrate – Try and swap seeds with someone from across the world. See what plants you can introduce to your area. Enjoy what you consider exotic plants that are quite normal in other locations.

June 12th Red Rose Day

Want to tell someone you love them? Probably the best way, without actually saying it, is by sending them red roses. Beyond that, they look beautiful in gardens or bushes lined up against a house and smell wonderful as well. There are numerous colors for numerous sentiments, and even different arrangements using fully flowered roses or rose buds meaning different things as well. There are poems about roses, songs about roses and even pictures of roses but nothing beats the real thing.

How to celebrate – Plant a rose bush. Send someone you love roses. Learn about all the different colors of roses and what they mean.

April 30th Arbor Day

Today is a tree lover’s favorite day of the year, Arbor Day! It always comes on the last Friday day of April, since 1872, when a major effort was made to fill the nearly barren state of Nebraska with trees. Arbor is the Latin word for tree and today we have the National Arbor Day Foundation who helps us remember the importance of trees in providing all they do for mankind. In recent years the Arbor Day Foundation has planted some 18 million trees on Arbor Day to replace those lost due to natural causes, greed, fire and in the “name of progress”. If you get a chance, today is a great day for you to plant a tree and watch it grow over the years. It makes you feel a part of nature and is sort of like watching a child grow up.

How to celebrate – Give to the National Arbor Day Foundation. Plant a tree. Visit a forest.

April 13th International Plant Appreciation Day

We can never appreciate the plants in out lives enough. After all they give us oxygen, are generally pretty to look at and for the most part smell good. They provide medicines, food and make our lives better just for being there. Every country in the world shares plants, some take better care of them than others’ help your country appreciate the plants native to your region of the world.

How to celebrate – Learn the difference between a plant and a weed. Grow a garden. Learn what plants are native to different regions of the world.

March 12th Plant A Flower Day

With winter on it’s way out and spring on the way in, it’s time to think about planting things that make our lives more beautiful and rewarding. Since the general act of growing most flowers is relatively simple it is a great way to brighten up our yards and put a smile on someone’s face. That’s not to say it doesn’t require some care and effort, planting anything takes at least a little care, watering and weeding. But with just a little effort on our part, we can add to the beauty of life and make the world a better place to live.

How to celebrate – Plant some flowers today. Make sure the ground isn’t frozen. Tend your garden.

June 17th Eat Your Vegetables Day

It is very practical that “Eat Your Vegetables Day” fall nearly dead center of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month. Remember back when you were a child and you hated your vegetables? Well now as am adult it’s somewhat surprising how many of those vegetables we like. It’s also surprising how many we still won’t even try because of our childhood impressions. Clearly vegetables are good for you. They provide nearly everything we need in our diet, help us to keep our weight down and help us to maintain energy.

Hoe to celebrate – Eat your veggies! Try some vegetables you wouldn’t evenm taste as a child. Learn different ways to make your veggies more palatable.