August 18th Bad Poetry Day

If there is ever a day you just can’t figure out why it’s been created, you can figure it belongs to the people at I mean, it’s cool… it gives us all something to think about, maybe not for too long but it is something to think about anyway. most of us are really bad poets, and even when we read some very well written poems we are sort of like… huh? So why not celebrate a Bad Poetry Day since Wellcat has created it!?!

How to celebrate – Read some really bad poetry. Write some really bad poetry. Figure out who really knows what is good and what is bad poetry.

March 21st World Poetry Day

Whether you like a sonnet, haiku, limerick, ode, ballad, ode or free verse you have much to choose from. Today was created in 1999 by UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Poetry does move people, sometimes even nations. It can change minds, hearts and the reasons to believe in something. It can deal with any subject, controversy or simply love. (Not that love is simple) And many poems that were relevant a hundred years ago are still relevant today.

How to celebrate – Write some poetry of your own. Discover who your favorite poet is. Learn how many poems get turned into songs.

August 18th Bad Poetry Day

Sure, anybody can write good poetry but for those of us that specialize in bad poetry, today is our day to shine! Since beauty is in the eye of the beholder who has the right to say your poetry is bad!?! What if bad poet critics were the only critics that functioned? Then bad poetry would be considered good poetry and good poetry would be bad! The day was created by the people at Why, I’m not sure, perhaps they are the worst of all poets and proudly profess that? And remember, with permission from Wellcat, anyone can write bad poetry! They just have no interest in good poetry.

How to celebrate – Write some bad poetry. Take some good poetry and figure out how to make it bad. Go back to bed and wait for tomorrow.

August 18th Bad Poetry Day

Today is one of those days we all fear. When something goes wrong in a poem we hear. Maybe the poets on drugs, or needs a good hug! Or better a kick in the rear!


And this here guy here was a poet. And if you lived back then you’da knowed it. He was hard to understand, but I think it was his plan. So you’d go to his play where he showed it.


And what’s with poems that don’t rhyme?  Aren’t they really just paragraphs in a line? But in the end, they really offend, those of us that read them.


So here’s to the people at for creating this day to keep us all calm. For we’d all have to say that we liked poetry the way, every poet wrote ’em.

How to celebrate – Learn the difference between a poem and a limerick (Obviously I didn’t!) Send your best friend a poem you know is bad and see how they react. Try to name at least five famous poets without cheating!