June 20th Ice Cream Soda Day

It was back in 1874 when the first ice cream soda was created, we think. Robert M. Green put ice cream in soda at a Philadelphia event for the Franklin Institute. Since then there have been more variations than Carter has pills (Another story for another time) where nearly every flavor of ice cream and soda have been mixed and matched. Probably still the favorite of all time, the Black Cow, or root beer float, has been served on those hot summer days when a cool refreshment just seems the right thing to do.

How to celebrate – Have an ice cream soda. Invent your own flavor of ice cream soda. Visit the Franklin Institute.

June 20th Father’s Day

Today we celebrate our father, grandfather, their grandfather, their grandfather’s father, their grandfather father’s father….well you get the drift. It’s not so much about what being a man is as it is about being a father, the proud moments, the ups and downs of life – all through the connection of your child. Most fathers want their children to be happy and successful. When I see my kid happy – I know they are successful. Today always falls on the 3rd Sunday of June and was first celebrated on May 18th, 1910 in Spokane, Washington.

How to celebrate – Spend your day with your father or anyone in your life that was a father figure to you. Don’t worry about getting him another tie (He really doesn’t need it) Be happy, that’s the best thing you can do for dad.