August 23rd Ride The Wind Day

Today is all about using as natural power source to supply movement, the wind. This includes things like flying, sailing, hang gliding, anything where wind powers your way. It’s a little chancy to plan your day, and entertainment, accordingly because it is a source you cannot control. You have to go along with where the wind wants to take you and how fast it wants to get you there, if at all. It can help provide energy for the earth, but just like all things concerning mother nature, she gives and she takes away!

How to celebrate – Go fly a kite. Invest in wind power for your electric, just don’t depend on it. Get a wind gauge.

June 15th Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day was created back in 2007 by the European Wind Energy Association as it explored and began the operation of harnessing the wind to provide power. It isn’t particularly a new idea, man has been using wind for centuries to power his needs. The windmills, shipping and piracy all used wind to propel them into the future. We are still working on the idea, a clean form of energy, though it still needs perfecting. It’s another of those great ideas that Mother Nature offers man needs to use to it’s fullest.

How to celebrate – Study all the different things wind has powered over the years. Build your own wind power source. Discover the best areas in the world for wind.

June 16th International Waterfall Day

Waterfalls are spectacular. They are beautiful to watch, often dangerous to hang out in, and are awesome to feel the power of. The tallest waterfall in the world is Angel Falls, in Venezuela, which drops some 3,212 feet. The widest is Khone Falls, at 35,376 feet wide in Africa. By comparison Niagara Falls drops 167 feet and is 2,200 feet wide. It’s volume of water is 150,000 gallons a second. You have to wonder where all that water comes from? (but that’s another story) Today was created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2020.

How to celebrate – Go see a waterfall. Build your own waterfall in your backyard. Go take a shower.