April 9th Name Yourself Day

Don’t like the name you were given, well today is the day to change it! Now you can do this officially, or you can just make up a name for the day but don’t use your middle name because there is another holiday for that. Oh, and if you do change your name, make sure everyone you know realizes that you have changed it because we have all been taught to not talk to strangers. Writers, actors and sports figures often change their names to something people can easily remember, or something catchy. Make sure, however, that someone else has not used that name before and left it with a bad image. That is, unless you like that sort of thing.

How to celebrate – Make up a name you would like to be called. Pick a name that stands out. Wear a name tag so people will know who you are today.

February 13th Get a Different Name Day

Don’t like the name your parents gave you? Well today is the day you can change it to something you think fits you better. It is a bit involved and something you might come to regret later but there are cases where it may be called for. I knew a girl named Mary Cutter once who was proud of her family name and when she got married she did the three name thing… shew married a man named Buttoff. I am not sure she thought this one out because she became Mary Cutter-Buttoff. Then there was another girl who was named Mary, a good Christian name if there ever was one. The families last name was Juana. You figure this one out!

How to celebrate – Give yourself a new name for the day. Ask Wellcat.com why they copyrighted this day. Learn to live with the name you’ve been given.