November 13th National Indian Pudding Day

Native American’s have provided the world with numerous wonderful and help things. Not all have to be life saving and earth shattering to serve a good purpose. Indian Pudding is a great example of that! While it has bettered the position man has had in the world it has improved his attitude as e tried to achieve that new position. Made from Molasses and cornmeal, often flavored with apples or other suitable fruits and baked to delight, it is one of those things that satisfies your taste buds and puts you in a better mood to think about world peace.

How to celebrate – Learn to make Indian Pudding. Studies other Native American recipes. Include Indian Pudding in your Thanksgiving plans.

October 14th National Dessert Day

Finally a day we can all really enjoy, National Dessert Day!!! Pig pout on your favorite dessert today, or favorite desserts. (No one said it had to be only one kind of dessert!) Naturally some desserts are better for you than others…. a bowl of unsweetened fruit is far better that a bowl of Milky Ways! But this is the day to allow yourself to have something sweet, just because. And we all need that. If we deny ourselves any luxury we will eventually become grumpy, maybe a bit more healthy, but very, very grumpy. So indulge, enjoy, and diet tomorrow!

How to celebrate – Enjoy your favorite dessert(s). List all your favorite desserts to make sure you don;t forget one. Sample some new desserts, who knows, maybe you’ll find a new one thast becomes your favorite!

June 26th National Chocolate Pudding Day

It’s National Chocolate Pudding Day! For those who love chocolate pudding this day must be Heaven on Earth. Of course, you can have chocolate pudding everyday but then it’s not a national holiday like today.

Chocolate pudding is made from milk, sugar, and chocolate, with a little vanilla added to even out the flavor. Add flour or cornstarch and you have pudding!  Add eggs and you have custard!


The first mention of chocolate pudding came in, Mary Harris Frazer’s Kentucky Recipe Book, in 1903. Another recipe appeared in, Fanny Farmer’s Boston Cooking School Book, in 1918.  Both recipes used eggs instead of cornstarch though (doesn’t that make it custard???)

Anyway, in 1934, General Foods (Jello) started producing chocolate pudding for the public. It was a prepared mix you had called, “Walter Baker’s Dessert”(remembering Baker’s chocolate). Then it was up to you whether or not to make chocolate pudding or chocolate custard.  In 1936, for some unexplained reason they changed the name to “Pickle’s Pudding”.  I am betting that chocolate pudding sales went down!


Chocolate pudding is used in many cake recipes to make them moist and full of flavor. This is very popular in the UK. Heck, it’s  actually very popular anywhere.


There’s also chocolate pudding pie.  Maybe not as popular but still good.


And of course there is the dark chocolate pudding, adding a little mint and a raspberry or two, just for good measure.

Chocolate pudding is readily available today under the label Jello, made by Kraft Foods and Snack Packs by Hunts.

How to celebrate: Have a chocolate bar, it’s easier. Go to your local gas station and buy a package of chocolate pudding and share it with the mechanic. Add a little whip cream to your chocolate pudding and live on the edge.