January 29th National Puzzle Day

Do you like puzzles? I do, sometimes.The ones I don’t like are how to reset the time on your microwave, escape rooms that are impossible and whether the big bang theory was real or not. There are good ones too though, I like crosswords but I’m not too fond of Sudoku (I’m not very good at math)

The fact is, we go through a lot of puzzles everyday. Puzzles like, how did they ever get a driver’s license, by do they like to wear their pants down at their knees and why do people continue to do things they know are bad for them?

It is a puzzling world. But challenges are sometimes fun. Puzzles definitely keep our minds alert which helps us do other things we might not otherwise be aware of. They tend to keep us younger and can even be something we look forward to everyday… like the newspaper crossword puzzles.

Anyway, today is a day to celebrate those puzzles that often perplex us and those that excite us. They can complete ruin our day, or give us the elation of that quick victory and the satisfaction of knowing we won!

How to celebrate – Buy a crossword book today. Visit an escape room. Solve the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg. 

December 21st Crossword Puzzle Day

Want to find a great way to add to your vocabulary? Try playing crosswords everyday, you are sure to learn words you didn’t know even existed! A crossword is a great way to learn while having fun…


The first crossword puzzle (So far as we know) appeared in a New York newspaper in 1913, created by Arthur Wynne. Since then, nearly every newspaper in the world gives crossword puzzles as a part of their publication. It is a way to get people to buy the paper the next day since that is when the answers will be published.

images (7)

We have even honored them with a postage stamp. For a large number of readers, their day starts with the crossword puzzles. It can be frustrating but it can also be very rewarding. The crossword also teaches us words that were used frequently in the past have fallen out of favor over time.

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They are a great way of passing time like on long flights, car rides or even in line at the grocery store. And they are not a waste of time since you are actually learning something! Of course, you may never use any of the words you discover in a normal conversation but you have the pride of having learned them anyway.


And if you want, you can buy the crossword books and cheat! No one has to know!

How to celebrate – Get a crossword book. Make up your own crosswords. Do your crosswords in pen to make the challenge even harder.


January 29th National Puzzle Day

Do you remember those summer vacation days from school where you and your friends would sit around the dining room table and put a puzzle together? I do, of course I grew up on a farm and the cows weren’t really all that helpful.


Now if you were as lucky as I normally was, you would open the brand new box and put the puzzle together to find it was missing a piece or two. That was always fun. But I do remember putting together the ones that were complete and the sense of accomplishment that it was done.

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Over the years puzzles have become more and more complicated, sometimes taking children out of the process entirely. (And taking up the dining room table for a month or more!)


And puzzles put together and then glued and finished with a coat of varnish make for a great wall covering or even flooring of a game room! Not only do they brighten up the room but they remind you of something you accomplished!

images (1)

So gather up your friends and get to work! There are a lot of interesting choice for puzzles these days and think of much more you’ll know about each other after hours, and hours, and hours, and hours, and hours of sitting there putting it together.

How to celebrate – Go find a puzzle that interests you. Get the whole family together to put your puzzle together. Make your own puzzle from the blank ones available where you can place any picture on it you like.