May 24th International Tiara Day

So, if you like wearing a crown or looking like a princess you will really like today because you can wear your tiara and actually have a reason for wearing it. It doesn’t have to be your prom night (Do girls even wear tiaras to prom anymore?) You don’t have to be celebrating the Queen. Yes, all those things do help give reason but today is International Tiara Day so you can wear it all you like, anywhere in the world and no one can say anything about it! Oh, they probably will but that’s not the point! You have your rights, stand up for them put that crown on your head and wear it proudly no matter how foolish you look!

How to celebrate – Wear your tiara all day long where ever you go. Buy a tiara just so yo can wear it today. Begin your own collection of tiaras.


May 24th International Tiara Day

Well if you like wearing a crown, today is right up your alley! The 24th of May was selected since it is Queen Victoria’s birthday and she wore a Tiara from 1837-1901. Barbara Bellisimo created this holiday in 2005 in order to promote “Seasons of Success”, a book designed to help young women. I am not sure how this applies or if they have to wear a Tiara or not, probably not. If you want to wear a Tiara that’s fine, just remember that because you do wear one doesn’t actually make you a queen.

How to celebrate – Proudly wear your Tiara today! See if you can find old “Queen For A Day” reruns. Read about Queen Victoria.

September 1st American Chess Day

September 1st American Chess Day

Still searching for Bobby Fischer? Well let’s hope not. It’s a lot more fun to play the game of chess than search for someone. Although there is still some question about the excitement in watching a game being played. It is a game that requires strategy, and experience definitely helps. King, Queen, Bishops, Knights, Rooks and those pawns you don’t really mind losing (poor Pawns!) It’s 64 squares of challenge that can be ranked if you choose to play against the world.

How to celebrate – Play a game of chess! Get into a chess tournament. Learn how to take cat naps between moves.

September 6th National Lazy Moms Day

Sept. 6th National Lazy Moms Day

The first Friday of September is National Lazy Moms Day. You really should allow them this one day because I have never met any lazy moms. They deserve at least one day to themselves. If you think of all the things your mom does for you, 365 days a year, one day really isn’t asking much. All those meals, washing clothes, driving you somewhere, listening to your troubles, doing your homework, and the countless other thousands of things earns her today.  Moms never get the credit they are due, so let them have today to themselves.

How to celebrate – Treat your mom like a queen today. Take your mom to lunch. Talk with your mom, even if you have no idea what she is saying.

May 24th International Tiara Day

Every woman deserves to feel like a queen or princess. Apparently, Tiara Day is associated with Barbara Bellissimo’s Season of Success back in 2005. I guess the symbol of success for a woman is a Tiara 🙂 Never having worn one (being a guy), that I will own up to, I couldn’t say. But if it makes them feel like a success, then it is well worth it.


Even in our culture today, as in the photo and clip above from The Big Bang Theory, the Tiara is a symbol of a woman feeling beautiful. Of course in the comedy it’s sort of a geeky thing, but most geeky things have some ring of truth to them. I actually think a woman in a Tiara does stand out, and not in a bad way. Princess Diana nearly always wore a tiara and it looked classy on her.

165039d  Diana Princess of Wales Hong Kong Visit

However, she really was a Princess.

After 2005 the day faded into oblivion until Lynanne White of American Rose Bridal re-launched the day in 2008.  In her effort to re-establish the day it became clear that perhaps this day was meant to be – it is the birthday of Queen Victoria who nearly always wore a tiara.

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However, she really was a Queen.

But what the heck, if it makes a woman feel prettier then I’m all for it. I would however advise her not to wear it during a thunderstorm, when doing gymnastics or pole vaulting.

If you would like more information, you may contact Lynanne at

How to celebrate: Wear your tiara.  If you don’t have one, get one.  Make your husband, or boy friend, bow before you when he enters or leaves a room (but just for today :))