September 28th Ask A Stupid Question Day

Today was created by Teachers sometime in the 1980’s. Can you ask a stupid question? Well, I suppose that contrary to popular opinion there are a few stupid questions one could ask. Like, Is it raining if you are standing out in a rain storm. Or maybe is it day time when the sun is clearly out. But generally speaking, most questions are valid even if the answer is obvious. If the question is truly asked in the idea that one wants to be educated then no question is stupid and that was the point the teachers were trying to make. So go ahead and ask your question, if you truly want to know the answer no question is too stupid to ask.

How to celebrate – Figure out a question you want to get answered daily. Ask the right questions of the right people. Asking a question you already know the answer to is probably more stupid than asking the most foolish question you don’t know the answer to.


September 28th Ask A Stupid Question Day

We are all told there is no question too stupid to ask. Well, that’s stupid to start with because, yes, there are stupid questions. The thing is, they rarely do get asked! Today was created by teachers sometime back in the 1980’s. If anyone knows what a stupid question is… it’s a teacher. But to some degree, a very limited degree, we all are teachers so we have the potential of being asked a stupid question. The choice we have to make is to whether to give a stupid answer or not. I am told that stupid question day is sometimes saved until the end of the school year when students can ask all the stupid questions they want. I think by then, we hope that the stupid questions have already been answered.

How to celebrate – Figure out a stupid question you can ask. Learn to ask yourself stupid questions so you don’t ask them out loud. Learn that it is not lways the stupid person hat asks the stupid question.

September 28th National Ask A Stupid Question Day

Is there a stupid question that can be asked? Well, maybe… asking if there is a stupid question one can ask! The only way one can learn is by asking, and what may seem less intelligent to those of us that have experienced the subject of the question to someone who hasn’t, it’s not stupid at all.


The day was actually created back in the 1980’s by teachers. Why? Well that is probably a stupid question… because we all know we learn more by asking than just waiting around to hear the answer to our question that may never come. So ask, maybe you lose a little pride, but who cares, if you learn for the next time then you can answer someone’s stupid question!


As Forrest Gump put it, “Stupid is as stupid does”. It is so true! Not knowing an answer and not trying to find out the answer is the only stupid thing one can do. In all honesty, I have learned more myself by having to find out the answer to something someone asked me.

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So raise your hands and ask those questions! Or join the Society for Stupid People, because if you don’t ask, you will be one of them. Just ask any woman who is with a man who is lost and won’t ask for directions. The answer is, stay lost then!

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How to celebrate – Go ahead, ask that question you’ve always been afraid to ask. Encourage children around you to ask questions. Realize that when you get that answer to your stupid question, you aren’t stupid anymore.