September 11th No News Is Good News Day

In an era when most of the news we get is some sort of bad news perhaps the idea should be to turn off your radio, television, stop the newspapers and don’t listen to anyone wanting to update you on the latest events. Between Wars, Pandemics, Shootings and Illegal Aliens enough is sort of enough. Just consider the past. All of this stuff happened in the past, we just didn’t hear about it and as such, we didn’t think it actually happened. The bury your head in the sand idea. It certainly didn’t lend to someone copycatting another crime of some sort.

How to celebrate – Turn off the news, just for today. Do not get your mail for a day. Do not listen to what anyone says during the day.

August 20th National Radio Day

We celebrate the invention of the radio today. It was generally accepted that Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio in the 1890’s but that seems to be in question today. While it is true the idea of transmitting a signal and receiving that signal was worked on for years we know only that the radio was made affordable in the mid-1900’s and served as an entertainment and news format. The radio is becoming less popular today as technology moves forward but there will always be a place for what Marconi, or whoever, created the radio.

How to celebrate – Listen to the radio. Build your own radio. Become a DJ.

February 13th World Radio Day

February 13th World Radio Day

UNESCO created today in order to try and create better communication between radios stations in order to better promote the use of radio in the world communities. With the invention of the television, radio has suffered a great deal and in order to keep the marketplace viable, stations must work together to provide formats listeners will follow. News, music and other important communications come over the radio and are available practically anywhere, keeping companies in business is vital.

How to celebrate – Make sure you have a working radio in your house. Advertise on the radio. Read about the history of the radio.

August 20th National Radio Day

The first radios were invented sometime in the late 1800’s after the development of the telegraph and the telephone. In 1886, German born Heinrich Hertz first discovered radio waves in the atmosphere. It is believed that somewhere between 1895-96 Italian born Guglielmo Marconi put the first transmitter and receiver together to use those radio waves but recently there have been many other claims to precede Marconi’s invention that no one is sure who really made the first radio. We are sure that television has severely damaged the radio market and since the internet is damaging the television market the radio is probably used less than since it’s early days. Still, it is a vital way to get information and entertainment.

How to celebrate – Spend the day listening to a radio. Buy a radio if you don’t have one. Get a amateur radio transmitter.

August 20th National Radio Day

Over the years some many people have claimed to have invented the radio that no one today actually knows when it was invented, other than it was in the late 1800’s. Before television, the radio was the chef source of news and entertainment. It has remained popular though a lot of it’s use is now limited to when people use their cars, and even then it is becoming more and more limited. Some may even remember back to Orson Welles presentation of “The War of the Worlds” on radio where many people believed the earth was being invaded by beings from another planet. There were suicides and panic before the radio networks were able to get the word out it was just a play being performed on the radio. And nearly every new phase of music has been introduced over the radio waves.

How to celebrate – Listen to a radio at some point during the day. Imagine your world without television or internet. Listen to some of the old routines available only on radio format.

April 4th Hug A Newsman Day

Boy, if someone needs a hug these days it’s the news reporters. For the most part a good reporter is a very hard working person. Some have allowed their personal views to influence their reports but most still try to just report. It’s a tough job, rarely at home, unable to maintain relationships, often in dangerous places… it’s rewarding but taxing. The biggest issues seem to come when they feel they are bigger than the story they are reporting. Then it does become a problem. So give them a hug and remind them they are human, no better and no worse than the rest of us.

How to celebrate – If you know a reporter, hug them. Support those on social media that are actually doing their jobs. Find a reporter you know you can trust.

August 20 National Radio Day

Can you imagine a world without the radio? Okay, so we use it less today than we used to but it still is a viable medium for reporting the news and entertainment. The radio has been around since the late 1800’s, after the telegraph and telephone were put into daily use, which makes sense if you stop and think about it. So many people claim to have invented it that I am not going to get into that. It probably was invented by a number of different people in a number of different areas, any of which could claim being the first. It has been controversial in the past as well with such things as Orson Wells “War of the Worlds” where people listened to his story about an alien invasion, andmany believing it was true. The results were not good. Today the radio spends most time being used in our cars and considering how much time we spend there, it’s still operating strong.

How to celebrate – Listen to your radio! Create your own radio show. Remember your life experiences that included listening to the radio.

August 20th National Radio Day

Today we celebrate something nearly all of us grew up having, the radio. The radio came out of Ernest Mercadier’s and Alexander Graham Bell’s work with radio waves in 1881. It is a direct result of the invention of the telephone and telegraph.  Guglielmo Marconi is credited with it’s actual creation.


There was a time when the radio was to our ancestors what the television is to us today. Most people got their news, sports and entertainment from the radio. In fact, Orson Welles, “War of the Worlds” first was a radio program that so many believed it actually turned into a near national disaster!

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Today the raio appears everywhere we go. It’s in our cars, on our headphones, in most stores and even in elevators. Even most television shows are broadcast on radio, not that they work all that well, but you’ll find them there.


As with every invention, the popularity of them begin to dwindle as everyone obtains them and it seems like as soon as we invent something, it’s already out of date by the time we purchase it. And if you have ever been a hurricane, you learn the true value of something like a radio.


So the next time you get in your car and turn on your radio, thinking nothing of it, imagine what life would be like without the radio. Sure, in some ways maybe we have moved on past it but we will never replace it.

How to celebrate – Enjoy your radio. See if you can remember any of the old radio stars. Imagine where the music industry would be without the radio.

May 3rd World Press Freedom Day

Freedom of the press has been long fought for and in most countries, fairly won. For centuries the only news that got out to the people was whatever the controlling government of that country wanted the people to hear. It rarely was true, when it was it was one sided and often omitted many of the facts.

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After World War 2 many countries allowed their press to begin to right a lot of those wrongs. Newspapers, radio and television could report what was going on and why it was happening. Naturally there are always two sides to a story, but for the most part, the reporters tried to tell the truth. On May 3rd, 1993 the UN General Assembly created today to honor the freedom of the press.


The UNESCO/Guillermo Cano World Press Freedom prize honors those reporters who struggled to report the truth, often giving their lives in their efforts. That is why a lot of the press today should be ashamed of the way they report. The term reporter means to reveal a story, the facts, not as they assume them to be but only after they have investigated their sources and exposed the truth. It is not to speculate or give an opinion, it is all about the facts.


It seems with the invention of the 24 hour news television networks the idea of reporting news became more competitive and often these same reporters had to create stories rather than report on them. Like so much of what is going on today in the world, it is about what someone thinks than what someone knows.


It would be nice to know that we could trust what we hear. Most local radio and television stations do report the truth, it’s the national ones you have to be careful of. Their motto seems to have changed from reporting the news to making the news.

How to celebrate – Honor the true reporters of the world. Start a career in journalism. Compare the old newspapers to the new ones.

August 20th National Radio Day

The idea of the radio has been around longer than you might think. It was discovered years and years ago that sound traveled through water, the ground and even railroad rails. This discovery was made back in  the early 1800’s and began experiments by men who felt it could be used to expand the human experience.


In 1864 The theory for the modern day radio was put into motion by James Maxwell as he studied the transmission of sound. The telegraph and telephone advanced the idea of a radio as it was found that sound could be transmitted through wires.


In 1894 Guglielmo Marconi developed the first practical radio, in 1898 Heinrich Hertz began to define sound waves in the atmosphere. By the 1940’s the radio had become an important part of life. People depended on it to keep them up to date with the latest news, providing hope behind occupied boundaries, entertained and moved armies to where they needed to be.

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Over the years the radio has evolved, who will ever forget the boombox! Sadly, about the only radio experience we have anymore is when we get in our cars. The radio launched all sorts of new things into life and really started the idea of mass entertainment across the world.


How to celebrate – Spend a day listening to the radio. Find some old copies of radios shows and enjoy the presentations. Study all the different products introduced on radio programs.