November 8th Young Reader’s Day

Today was organized through Pizza Hut and the center for the book, US Congress back in 1989, The date falls on the second Tuesday of November. Children need to read, it stimulates the imagination and educates often without even knowing you are being taught anything! With the holidays coming up,I suggest reading “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”. It’s a short story I think kids will love, fiction about how the Evergreen became the Christmas Tree.

How to celebrate – Get some books for your children to read. Read along with your children. Join a book club.


November 1st National Author’s Day

Originally created in 1928 by Nellie Verne Burt Verne of the Bemant Illinois Book Club National Author’s Day was recognized by Congress and moved to November 1st in 1949. It is a day to consider your favorite author, read some of their material and come to an understanding of what it is you enjoy about them. And… maybe consider reading; “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”, a short story I penned.

How to celebrate – Figure out who your favorite author is. Read “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”. Write your own book.

August 9th Book Lover’s Day

I look forward to this day every year, it is a day to enjoy the books you read. Hopefully you read more than one book a year but if you don’t, that’s cool too. Books educate us, entertain us and take us places we might not otherwise be able to go. Even if you just look at the pictures there is a lot to be for every kind of book out there! One I think you should read is a short story called, “Why the Evergreens Stay Green”. Check it out!

How to celebrate – Read a book! Keep a list of your favorite authors books, see how many you have not read already. Explore new authors, or at least give them a try to decide whether their style is something you enjoy or not.

April 2nd International Children’s Book Day

It’s Hans Christian Andersen’s birthday today! He was born back in 1805 and was one of most children’s favorite authors to read. It is always a great idea to get children to explore the world by reading what others have to write about. It can fill their days with education, entertainment and thought provoking ideas. Try downloading an e-book copy of “Why The Evergreens Stay Green”. It’s a heart-warming story about an Angel who has to find the perfect tree to build the cradle for Jesus.  Yes, it’s fiction, but it’s a fast read that may make you smile.

How to celebrate – Take a child to the library. Encourage any children in your life to read. Read “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”.

November 9th Young Readers Day

There is no question that reading educates as well as entertains and what a great way to teach the youth around us how to have fun. Today was created by Pizza Hut in 1989 for the Center For The Book at the Library of Congress. It always falls on the second Tuesday of November so the dates do change. Reading can take children to far away places and different times, it explores imagination and creates new friends along the way. And since anytime the days work out for books, I’m pitching mine, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”! It’s perfect for older readers, younger readers and for people that just like to have book placed on tables for their friends to think they are better educated.

How to celebrate – Find books for children to read. Show childern reading is fun by reading yourself. Buy a copy of “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”.

November 6th Book Lover’s Day

This day actually appears several times over the course of a year and why not, if you loved books at the beginning of the year you are probably still going to love them at the end of the year! Books can take you places you’ve never been, to worlds you cant get to otherwise and teach you things that have been handed down over the centuries. A pretty good bargain! If you count this day as the only Book Lover’s Day it always falls on the first Saturday of November. And if you are looking for a good bargain, try reading… “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”. It’s a short read I think you will enjoy.

November 1st National Author’s Day

Nellie Verne Burt McPherson created today for the Belmont Illinois Book Club in 1928. The US Congress made it national in 1949 and placed it on November 1st. If you have a favorite author, you should read one of their works today. If you don’t have one, you could read my short story on Amazon, “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green”. Okay, so it’s another shameless plug, sorry.

How to celebrate – Find a favorite author if you don’t already have one. Read to learn. Check out life through someone else’s eyes.

Oct. 27th National Tell A Story Day

Today is National Tell A Story Day In Scotland and the UK. Interestingly, it is exactly 6 months after (Or before) the US day. Anyway, the idea is that you tell, or read, someone a story, and with Halloween coming up why not make it a scary story? Or just after that comes Christmas so it could be a Christmas story. (Or really it could be any kind of story.) So here comes the shameless plug on my short story, “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green”. It’s on Amazon so if you don’t have a different story you want to tell, buy a copy of my book and enjoy.

How to celebrate – Tell someone a story today. Read someone a story today. Buy a copy of “Why the Evergreens Stay Green”.

September 6th Read A Book Day

If you haven’t read a book lately, you owe it to yourself to do so. It’s fun, exciting and relaxing all at the same time. If you read before going to bed, it helps you sleep and and may even effect the dreams you have. And, like they say, if you aren’t careful you might even learn something. So now it’s time for me to hype my own short story, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”. It’s a Christmas story but it works for any time of year and it’s short, short enough you can probably finish it in one or two sittings.

August 9th Book Lover’s Day

This is a great day for those people who love to read. To allow their minds to be led somewhere else by the words written down in stories, whether they are fictional or real. This day comes twice a year, August 9th and the first Saturday in November. You can find nearly any subject your heart desires and what’s better than laying out in a hammock, sipping a glass of ice tea and reading a book! And now for the shameless plug suggesting you read my short story, “Why The Evergreen’s Stay Green”