November 15th America Recycles Day

November 15th America Recycles Day

Recycling really works when it’s done correctly, or at least the EPA says so and formed this day on November 15th, 2019. The problem with recycling is, there is so much stuff to recycle! There is no doubt that certain materials can be re-used in different forms and Mother nature really does benefit from the practice. The problem is, there is so much to recycle that many communities cannot keep up with the practice and the costs continue to rise every year. Still, we should all do our part after-all, it is our world too and better for us if we learn to protect what we have.

How to celebrate – Recycle. Find out if your community is truly recycling. Start a recycling club. In your neighborhood.


May 29th National Learn Composting Day

Anything that decomposes completely is, or can be, compost. Cardboard, paper, vegetation, can all be used as compost. Naturally, compost is used to help feed plants grow so it’s more-or-less nature feeding nature. It’s one of the reasons the rain forest floor are commonly so lush. So, how does that effect you? Well, this is the time of year we tend to plant gardens, vegetable or flower, and the best way to start one is on top of a compost pile. So instead of throwing away all that recycling, use it to build your compost pile! Not including items that do not decompose, like plastics and rubber. It is where the idea of recycling actually began! Today was created by Holiday Insights in 2011.

How to celebrate – Start your own compost pile. Begin using that pile to fertilize your garden. Learn what decomposes naturally and what doesn’t.

September 27th National Crush A Can Day

If you have a lot of anger and have no other release for it, take it out on a can. Actually, you will be doing the world a favor by condensing something that might take up a lot of room otherwise. If you don’t crush them, they will be crushed when they reach the dump anyway.

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Personally, I suggest you empty the can first. You don’t have to, but it will be much easier and you won’t create a mess where ever you choose to make your crush. Of course, you are proving you are a man (A stupid one) so there is that to be said.

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See what I mean! Crushing anything on your head is better done after drinking the contents, preferably an alcoholic one, and best done near a hospital or doctor’s office where you can get those attractive stitches if something goes wrong, as it normally does. I am not sure exactly what you are proving by crushing a can against your head, and even worse… if you are impressing someone, I am sorry for the person you are impressing.


There are machines to crush cans for you. They do a great job! My father has twelve bags of cans, crushed by the machine. They have been sitting there for probably three years waiting for someone to take them to the recycling place to gather the 2 dollars they are worth.


But if it’s your thing to crush a can against your head, in your hands when it’s still full, or even in the machine designed to do it, today is your day! Have fun and make room for all the rest of the garbage we create daily.

How to celebrate – Crush a can today! After crushing the can, take it to the dump, it’s a great place to spend the day. Remember to pull those tabs, they contain the most aluminum and are a nice source of income for places like the Ronald McDonald House.