July 22nd Hammock Day

Created by Bob Matthews on Holiday Insights back in 2008 today falls smack dab in the middle of the Dog Days of Summer, July 3rd – August 11th. It is a great day to spend relaxing in your hammock in the backyard, by your pool or on your private island. (It’s okay on a regular island too.) For me, and maybe you, I do not find a hammock all that relaxing though. I have to fight to get in it then to stay in it and finally to get out of it! I know I am not very agile so maybe this is my problem only.

How to celebrate – Spend the day in your hammock. (If it’s me I have to because I can’t get out of it!) If you don’t have a hammock, buy one. Spend your day relaxing.


June 23rd Let It Go Day

Well all worry about too much stuff. We are concerned about what others think, how others will react and how others feel that we often forget about ourselves. (The opposite also applies with the same worries about self) Today is a day to let is all go and forget about it for just a few minutes. Get a good night sleep and relax, spend the day in a spa or just go commune with nature. You might be surprised how it helps you to figure out the answers to problems if you just let them go for a little while. Today was created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat.

How to celebrate – Relax. Find a calming spot. Let everything you are worried about go for a day.

July 22nd Hammock Day

Today does not require a lot of effort from you, it involves laying back in a hammock with a cool drink and maybe a good book or some soft music playing in the background. I kept reading about the dog days of summer and how the hammock makes for the perfect combination. Naturally the dog days are the hardest days to get through, when the heat is at it’s worst and everyone is looking for a place to relax and cool off. Now I guess this works for most people but to me, a hammock requires way too much work to get into, and even more to get out of. But then, I know I am always a bit out of step with the norm. The day was created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights in 2008.

How to celebrate – Get a hammock if you don’t already own one. Find your best spot to put up your hammock. Relax.

January 8th National Bubble Bath Day

January 8th National Bubble Bath Day

I am not a big bath person. I do not understand the wisdom in sitting in a bathtub when you are dirty and transferring that dirt into the water you then wash yourself with! However, if you take a shower first and then get into a bath it can be relaxing and soothing. And you can make it oh so much better by adding bubble bath to the tub. It is believed that bubble bath was originally thought to keep the water warmer. That may, or may not, prove to be the case. It served the early movie industry well to imply that someone was nude the tub of water when they were actually dressed but the clothing was covered up by the bubble bath. Which generates the idea that maybe you can take a bath and wash your clothes at the same time if you use bubble bath!

How to celebrate – Get some bubble bath! Don’t forget your rubber ducky! Invent a shower bubble bath solution.

September 6th National Lazy Moms Day

Sept. 6th National Lazy Moms Day

The first Friday of September is National Lazy Moms Day. You really should allow them this one day because I have never met any lazy moms. They deserve at least one day to themselves. If you think of all the things your mom does for you, 365 days a year, one day really isn’t asking much. All those meals, washing clothes, driving you somewhere, listening to your troubles, doing your homework, and the countless other thousands of things earns her today.  Moms never get the credit they are due, so let them have today to themselves.

How to celebrate – Treat your mom like a queen today. Take your mom to lunch. Talk with your mom, even if you have no idea what she is saying.

July 22nd Hammock Day

Ah summer, it’s hot, maybe rainy and the kids are out of school. You will be under a lot of stress! So what’s the best way to relax? Gently swaying in the shade of a couple of trees while sipping your favorite beverage and maybe reading a book. It’s what the hammock was invented for! Well, not really but it works! Hammocks have been around since man decided he did not want to sleep on the ground. It is a cooler way to sleep, surrounding yourself an breeze available. They were also useful on ships. The hamock swayed with the rocking of the ships at sea allowing the occupant to not be trashed about and they could be raised and lowered as the need required, allowing for room in the tight quarters set aside for the sailors. Today was created by Bob Matthews who insists it is not a National holiday even though most sites show it as such. The day was created in 2008 for Holiday Insights during the “Dog Days” of summer.

How to celebrate – Buy a hammock. Check out all the different types of hammocks available. Pretend you are a pirate.

September 30th National Mud Pack Day

I’m glad it’s the last day of September because when we have to resort to celebrate mud pack day. Not that there is anything wrong with mud packs but can you really celebrate them?


I guess mudpacks have been around for a really, really long time. Originally I am not sure they were thought of as a good thing. But mud does have it’s redeeming characteristics. I find it very odd that it can help clean even though it is dirt itself!

download (1)

Naturally, animals love mud. It cooling and relaxing to wallow around in. It is when it dried that it becomes a problem and then either needs cleaning or more mud to be applied. Either way, it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

download (3)

And then I guess there is clean mud, but is it really mud then? Hard to say. People spend a lot of money to get mud applied to them, I can generally do that for free! However, I have to admit I do not know how to find clean mud.


But if you like to be covered in mud I have no problem with that. It seems natural enough.And generally speaking, if it’s good for one animal, it must be good for another too. So… enjoy.

How to celebrate – Have a mud pack applied today. Do not swim in your pool after applying the mud. Go skinny dipping in a bog.

August 15th National Relaxation Day


Chill out. Sit back in your chair, or better yet a hammock and try to make shapes out of the clouds floating overhead. This is a day where you just totally relax.


Take a break from the stress that surrounds you and calm yourself into nirvana. Let your mind go blank, think about nothing. Don’t fix any meals, work in the yard or even go for a walk.


Become one with the universe, listen to the birds sing, and zone out (but don’t fall asleep because then you have wasted your day of relaxation.


How to celebrate: Allow no news to upset your day. Visit the beach. Don’t worry, be happy.