May 21st National Memo Day

Most memos are not really all that important. At the time they are written they are, but by the time someone reads them the event has already passed. Unless you are writing the memo to yourself. Those can be very important, if you can just remember to read them!


I think that’s why the companies that make those memo pads use such bright colors. It’s sort of hard to miss a neon yellow message sitting right in front of you. However, like nearly everything else, if they are constantly there we tend to block them out.


And naturally there are those memos sent out via email. I worked for the school system and should have checked my email memos on a daily basis but I didn’t. I would go on and find over 3,000 memos sent, maybe one applied to me, after a while I just stopped looking. The over use of memos is tremendous.


But then, you have to remember someone felt the information contained in the memo was important enough for someone to write it down. So they do deserve our attention. Memos like, you’re fired, pick up milk for the baby and go pick up your winning lotto ticket can be very important. Naturally you have to read them to make the system work.


You may want to add a joke or something odd in your memos to make people want to read them, even if they are to yourself.

How to celebrate – Write a creative memo! Buy a bunch of memo pads and leave memos all over your house. Write yourself a memo to remind yourself to read your memos.