July 18th National Caviar Day

Roe, roe, roe your boat! Today we celebrate the first person who ever found fish eggs laying there and thought, oh, I bet that would be great to eat! The best caviar is consider those eggs that come from the sturgeon in the Caspian Sea, (That’s Russian) and the black fish eggs are considered better than the red. Well, we eat chicken eggs so why not fish eggs? They are sort of small so it’s kinda hard to crack the shell open and fry them. That was a yolk by the way, don’t even try. It sort of figures that something that looks kinda nasty and doesn’t smell all that good would become some of the most expensive food to eat. If you can even call it food. It’s sort of a snack that you eat with crackers. You have to be really, really rich to make a meal of it. I find it a little ironic that yesterday was National Hot Dog Day, a common man’s food, and today is National Caviar Day, a rich man’s food. Maybe combine them! A hot dog smothered in caviar!

How to celebrate – Taste test which caviar you like the best. Vacation in Russia. Become wealthy.

May 20th Be A Millionaire Day

Today is all about money, the kind of money that you can claim to be rich. Millionaire kind of money. Of course, today’s millionaire needs to be a billionaire to qualify to be rich. It’s sort of like education, a bachelor’s degree use to be for the smartest of people, now it seems everybody has one and a master’s degree is what to strive for. Well, making money does not really define who we are, it defines what we are. Many find the more they make they more they spend, so that million dollars isn’t what it use to be. Still, most of us would like to have a million dollars! (There are times I’d like to have ten dollars!) Well today is the day for you to strive to become a millionaire, even if you don’t make it at least you’ve tries and certainly bettered your financial situation.

How to celebrate – Start today on your way to become a millionaire. Play Monopoly. Invest in the stock market. (But be careful)

May 20th National Be A Millionaire Day

It’s something we all dream of, something we all hope for, but few of us ever obtain – to be a millionaire – free from scrambling to pay the bills, free to do the work we want to do instead of what we have to do, and free to turn our lives into what we want them to be.

may millionaire

No, money does not ensure happiness, or that you’ll have a wonderful life. But let’s face it, it does make things easier. Before the Industrial Revolution, the only real millionaires were those born into royalty where money was kept in the family.  As industry grew across the world, the number of self-made millionaires grew as well. In 1816, Lord Byron actually coined the term, “millionaire”, as more and more businessmen became wealthy beyond even their own dreams. Today there are over 12 million millionaires in the world making it fairly common place these days. Of course, a million dollars today is not what it was back in 1816. In fact, if you only have one million dollars to your name, you will probably be considered just upper middle class. There are over 1,800 billionaires today making it the new goal for those entrepreneurs to reach.


No one knows who created the day or when it was created. Probably somebody who was dreaming about what could have been. If you live in the US you have the best chance of becoming a millionaire, followed by Japan, Germany, U.K., and then France to round out the top 5 countries that produce millionaires. So if that’s your goal in life, you have a better chance living in one of those countries.

How to celebrate: Play Monopoly but you’ll have to increase the money you can get, even if you take it all you still won’t have enough. Paint the town by pretending you are a millionaire – just make sure you don’t run into somebody that knows you. Watch Gilligan’s Island.