June 17 Take A Road Trip Day

It’s the middle of summer, kids are out of school and looking for something to do… so why not take a road trip. What better way to discover America, or whatever country you are in than to drive through it and see what all it has to offer. Today always falls on the 3rd Friday in June as created by Bob Matthews of Holiday Insights. You may want to plan it with dropping your kids off at a summer camp so that you can actually enjoy the trip yourself!

How to celebrate – Go on a road trip. Take a map in case your GPS goes out. Make sure everything in your car is in tip top shape.

June 18th Take A Road Trip Day

Another holiday created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY, today we focus on taking a road trip somewhere… probably close by where you live. You can take longer trips, and since the kids are out of school and public transportation is somewhat questionable, getting in the car and just taking off is kinda fun. You don’t even need to plan where you are going. (Best if this is just a day trip) Get the whole family in the car and take off, enjoy the day and explore new things that you might miss in your usual travels. This holiday is always on the third Friday of June, making it available for a three day weekend.

How to celebrate – Take a road trip. Fill up the gas tank in your car. Experience something you always thought you’d like to do but have never gotten around to.

June 19th Take A Road Trip Day

Today is all about just getting in your car and hitting the road. It has nothing to do with planning anything or even picking a destination to go to. It’s just about going somewhere, anywhere and letting your heart guide you where you end up. It’s actually not about where you end up, it’s about the getting there, if you even choose to really go anyway. You are not supposed to plan this but you’ll have to remember it falls on the 3rd Friday of June. That hurts the idea of just getting in the car and going. So I guess you have to plan that you are not planning today. The day was created by Bob Matthews of Rochester, NY in 2019.

How to celebrate – Go somewhere, even if you don’t know where you’re going. Make sure to keep your gas tank in your car filled up. Never plan a trip today, just go.