November 18th Justice League Day

The Justice League are the Avengers of DC Comics. One of the leaders of the Justice League is no doubt Batman, or Bruce Wayne, a social climber, wealthy civilian in Gotham City. Batman first appeared in 1939, ahead of any of the other Super Heroes we are familiar with today. Even in the beginning he was Vengeance, the night… he was, and is, Batman! The caped crusader is one of the best known characters in the comic book world, along with Robin, helping the Justice League save yet another day for the common man.

How to celebrate – Get a Batman comic book. Learn more about the history of Batman. Visit Gotham City.

May 4th Bird Day in the USA

May 4th Bird Day

Today was created by Charles Babcock from Oil City, Pennsylvania in 1894. We cherish the birds around us today, although I do not recommend standing under them as you admire them. It is hard not to be cheered up by a singing bird…unless of course, they are singing at four in the morning. From the majestic eagle to the ugly vulture, every bird serves a purpose. They are beautiful to look at (well most of them anyway), and aid our environment while putting a smile on our faces.

How to celebrate – See how many types of birds you can name. Go outside and see how many different types of birds you can find. Put out bird feeders to attract birds to your yard.