December 3rd National Roof Over Your Head Day

You don’t realize the significance of a roof over your head until you don;t have one. So many of us in Florida recently have experienced the threat of that loss or the actual loss with the recent hurricane… it really was a lot worse than most people think it was. Without a roof, you might as well have nothing else since you won’t have anything for very long. You keep everything of true value under your roof, protecting it from weather, thieves and numerous other threats you don’t really even think of.

How to celebrate – Protect your roof so it can protect you. Try making your own roof out of whatever materials you can find. Thank those who get on your roof to make repairs in 100 degree heat.


December 3rd National Roof Over Your Head Day

One thing many of us overlook as being grateful for is a roof over our heads. There is the literal sense of the phrase meaning we don’t have snow or rain falling on us while we are trying to sleep, or the idea that the roof over our head also represents the home we live in. Or maybe it’s not just your home but where you work or play or go to school or, well… anyplace there is a roof over your head to keep you out of bad weather, or extreme heat.

How to celebrate – Be thankful you have a home. Be thankful you have a roof over your head. Help volunteer and build a house with an organization like Habitat for Humanity.

December 3rd National Roof Over Your Head Day

You know how you don’t think about something until you lose it? (Or in this case perhaps until it leaks) Well your roof is one of those things. Your roof keeps you, and your stuff, dry, warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Most of those walls in your house help keep the roof over your head, over your head! Actually there are houses that don’t even have walls but they do have a roof! If you have a few roofs you have a village, a lot of roofs a town, too many roofs…. a mess. It can be made out of metal, tile, wood, twigs, canvas, practically anything and as long at they work… who cares!

How to celebrate – Check your roof for leaks. Clean off your roof. Make sure your roof will hold Santa up.

December 3rd National Roof Over Your Head Day

Most of us are lucky enough to have a roof over our heads. Some are not that lucky. Imagine, if you will, having to suffer through it raining, or snowing, or constantly getting beaten down by the sun. When the wind blows there is no place to go to get out of it and nothing to keep random animals from invading your privacy. Really, without a roof over your head there is little you can say is yours. It’s out in the open where anyone can take what you own and make it theirs. Even when there are no walls the roof tends to make people realize that what is underneath it belongs to someone. So be thankful there is a roof over your head, even if it leaks. It’s better than not having one at all!

How to celebrate – Check your roof and make sure it does not need repair. Help provide a roof for someone else. Be thankful you have a roof, which makes your home, a home.

December 3rd National Roof Over Your Head Day

You don’t realize just how important your roof is until you get a leak or even worse, don;t have one at all. Today is a day to celebrate your roof and celebrate you have a place that has a roof. There are many who do not.


There are a lot of things you can do with your roof, or on your roof. Adding solar panels can help you save energy and reduce the emissions into the atmosphere by drawing less energy from the grid.  They can even help you during power outages.

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A roof keeps you dry, warm (or cool) and keep some falling items from hitting you as they tumble back to earth. They keep the sun out of your eyes and your possessions from rotting away long before they should.


But the main point in celebrating today is for those who don’t have a roof at all. They are subjected to the cold, heat and rain or snow. Imagine having no place to go when it storms or getting caught out in the cold with no way of protecting yourself. Just go out when it gets to be twenty degrees outside without a coat. Stay there for as long as you can stand it before you get yourself back under a roof.

dog-house (1)

I love animals. Anybody who reads any of my blogs knows that. But it is odd when we make sure our dogs, cats and other pets have a roof over their heads but not a fellow human-being. My dog and cats stay in the house and it makes me feel bad I do not do more to help protect a man or woman who does not live as well as my pets.

How to celebrate – Help provide shelter for those in need. Take care of the roof you have. Get a roof inspection.