March 13th Jewel Day

People love jewels, they collect them and value them above nearly everything else. Well, in a sense they are just rocks. The only value they have is what we give them and that depends on the demand. The largest diamond in the world is the clear cut diamond of the British Crown at 533 carats, the Cullinan 1. I am assuming the Hope Diamond is a blue diamond and comes it at 45.54 carats. All I know for sure is, they are worth a lot of money. Besides the diamond, we have rubies, emeralds, opals, sapphires… well, you get the picture.

How to celebrate – Name as many jewels as you can. Figure out which is your favorite jewel. Start collecting rocks.

March 13th Jewel Day

People have always been attracted to bright shiny things, animals too. Jewels are among some of the brightest and shiniest in the world. People have fought over jewels, created countries over jewels, and marked how wealthy their kingdoms were by them. The largest diamond in the world is the Golden Jubilee Diamond at 545.67 carats, compared to the famous Hope Diamond which is 45.52 carats. But diamonds are only one type of jewel, there are rubies, emeralds, topaz, and on and on and on. Jewels are usually great investments too, growing in value or at least keeping their value over time.

How to celebrate – List as many jewels as you can. Figure out which is your favorite jewel. Listen to the singer, Jewel.

March 13th National Jewel Day

If you like jewels, then today is your day to receive them (Always a good thing) or give them (Always a costly thing). Now the rules are pretty simple and it is clearly stated that the jewels do not need to be expensive. It helps if they are, but it is not set in stone… as it were. Naturally, since this is March you should consider something in an aquamarine since that is March’s birthstone. However, I am sure that diamonds and rubies and emeralds would do nicely if you can’t find an aquamarine stone anywhere. And if you really want to be daring, you could visit one of those stone quarries and find something really different! Anyway you go about it, it is a day o look for, give, receive or just admire jewels.

How to celebrate – Give a jewel to your loved one. receive a jewel from your loved one. Remember it’s the thought that counts and that size doesn’t matter!