November 27th National Pins And Needles Day

Anxious? Nervous? Just can’t wait anymore? If you are feeling any of those things then you will enjoy today, it’s Pins And Needles Day. The idea I suppose comes to us from sitting on pins or needles, not a very comforting thought.

Pins and Needles Sheet Music Cover

It actually comes to us from a play on Broadway called, Pins and Needles. It was written by Harold Rome and ran for 1108 performances in 1937 and was introduced by the Ladies Garment Workers’ Union. Now it makes sense! They used pins and needles in their everyday work! And they felt unappreciated and wanted better pay along with being treated like human beings. Imagine that!


Since then, most people have forgotten about the play but it’s title has continued to be used as a typical cliche from the past. The labor unions form in the early part of the 1900’s had a strong effect on America and I suppose across the world. Most say they were good, some questioned what was gained verses what was lost.


The world, in the mean time, is filled with pins and needles. Sewing needles, hypodermic needles, needles used to fill balls with air, safety pins, bobby pins, push pins… it’s almost impossible to go through a day without encountering one kind of pin or needle. They have served mankind well. Of course they have also caused damage and are often associated with drug use.


How to celebrate – Think of all the items held together in your home by pins and needles. See how many different types of pins and needles you can name. Check out the play “Pins and Needles”.

April 10th International Safety Pin Day

Can you imagine a world without safety pins!?! Well, for thousands and thousands of years, man knew nothing about the safety pin.  The Greeks did invent a brooch but it did not have a safety clasp on it for the pin to be secured in so it doesn’t count.  Two men did receive patents for their “safety pin” though, both in 1849.  Walter Hunt, and American, invented his safety pin and was awarded a patent on April 10th, 1849.  Charley Rowley, an Englishman, got his patent in October of 1849.  Neither had any knowledge of the others work.

Hunt needed to pay a $15.00 bet off and so invented his safety pin.  He happily sold his invention to the W. R. Grace Company for $400.00.  He paid his debt and pocketed $385.00, very happy with the results.  So was the W.R. Grace Company who went on to earn millions.

Something so simple and yet so useful.  Imagine how many people would have gotten “stuck” without the safety clasp.  All that loss of blood.  All kidding aside, the safety pin today is one of those items you just can’t live without no matter what job you have.

Here are a few uses for safety pins beyond the obvious.  Fix a zipper, close a rip, Close a tent, Emergency Fish hook, Clothespin, Repair a hole, Keep insects out of your pants, Splinter remover, Magnetized can serve as a compass point, Keep socks in pairs, Replace buttons, paper hole puncher, Escaping kidnappers.