November 14th National Seat Belt Day

November 14th National Seat Belt Day

Uber, Volvo and the Governors Highway Safety Association have all started this day to try and remind people to wear their seat belts. It is a really good idea! It is proven that seat belts save lives. It is law, you can get a ticket for not doing it but worse, you can die for not doing it. All car companies have been forced to put them in cars, so why not use them? In fact, what is the point in not wearing them? Who’s life has been saved by not wearing a seat belt?

How to celebrate – Wear your seat belt. Check your seat belts to make sure they are working. If you aren’t comfortable wearing a seat belt add some padding.

April 4th Walk Around Things Day

Today is all about being practical. Instead of trying to bull your way through something, just go around it. I mean, after-all, you probably wouldn’t come up to a lake and say “It’s in my way. so I am just going to go through it.”, would you? Okay, maybe a few of us would but most would elect to go around it. Walk through that wall, walk through a swamp filled with alligators, walk through a mine field… these are not good choices. So what it really is all about is making good choices, do the right thing rather than forcing a situation that you are pretty sure you can’t win or at least end well. In the mean time, it’s good exercise! Would you normally risk walking under a ladder?

How to celebrate – Walk around things that get in your way. Figure out what you are doing before you do it. Wear armor plating.

October 5th Walk To School Day

When I was a child I had to walk seven miles every morning to catch a bus that drove me another fifty miles to get to my school. It didn’t matter if it was snowing, raining, or hailing outside. The saddest part of all was the fact that the school was only about five miles away to start with.

Seriously though, I did have to walk, with my sister, about 2 miles and pretty much enjoyed every minute of it. Of course, we lived on a farm so we had to get to the highway where the bus could pick us up. We were very fortunate to have had that experience because nowadays most of our kids have to walk past the potential of drugs deals, street violence, and sexual offenders. It is more important now than ever before that we take our cities, and our children’s paths to school, back. Supporting Walk To School Day is a large step forward in doing that.


Walk To School Day came out of Safe Kids Walk supported by FedEx. Over 8.2 million children have participated since it started in 1999. 16,000 FedEx employees have been involved with 10,000 schools making the program work. In fact, I have had some 23 years of experience with schools and know there is a place for this, and it serves a good purpose. We do need to make the paths to our schools safe again. No government, no school board, no policeman, is going to be able to do that, only we can make that change happen.

Now I know, we adults deserve our own time, work is important and we have all that shopping to do… but what’s most dear to us… all that stuff, or our children. This is not a day to hand them lunch and send them on their way, this is a day to walk with them, see what they see every day and what they have to contend with. In short, it should be what our parents did for us and what we expect of our children when they become parents.

Remember when Halloween use to be safe? Why isn’t it anymore? Is it because there are so many crazy people out there, in part… yes… but it’s also because we allow them to be out there and it’s something we need to be more aware of.


How to celebrate – Walk your kids to school today, or walk them home tonight, or better yet… both! Learn what school programs are in place and if there aren’t any, get them started! Don’t just suggest it to someone else like it is their job to do it, do it yourself! Help take our communities back from those who would use it for their ends, not ours!

May 21st National Red Cross Founder’s Day

This really could be called the Clara Barton Day as she nearly single-handedly founded the American chapter of the Red Cross. Born in 1821, Clara Barton traveled to Europe (1869) during the Franco-Prussian War (1870-71) and served with the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Society.


The International Red Cross was founded by Henry Dunant in 1863 to provide aid to military personnel through their services in Geneva, Switzerland. Clara Barton, working with Dunant’s team believed it could be useful in America as well. She returned to the US and formed her own Red Cross in 1881.


She ran the American Red Cross for the next 23 years, building it into one of the most useful and respected volunteer organizations ever to be created. The Red Cross serves the needy, serves as communication and comfort to family members of military personnel, provides education for preparedness, health and safety, and leads the way during international relief and development efforts.


How to celebrate: Join your local Red Cross as a volunteer. Attend a benefit being given for the American Red Cross.  Donate to the American Red Cross.