November 23rd Black Friday

So Thanksgiving is over, well… most of it anyway, and so now starts that time tested celebration of Black Friday! Well maybe not time tested but certainly becoming traditional and retailers everywhere thank you. They do most of their years business today, and in the days to follow until Christmas.


In a number of ways, this is a good thing. With retailers suffering because of online dales, this is a day that helps keep their doors open. Soon, there may be nothing but online shopping and you will only have small pictures on the internet to choose those things that may, or may not, please your whim.


No more malls, no more mom and pop stores, just giant mega internet conglomerates that ship to you even the most personal items. Well, it’s our choice… as it should be. Have fun today looking up close at those things you will soon be forced to order online.

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Put on your suit of armor and brave the crowds. Go into the battle of wits and patience, the throngs of other barbarians you share a single check-out line with and claim your glory of winning the prize! Oh, and don’t forget your change!


How to celebrate – Plan your Black Friday like you would a vacation, so you don’t miss a thing. Get cash on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Take some Thanksgiving left-overs for a snack along the way.

November 24th Black Friday

Okay, so now we’ve all had a day where we got along with each other, way over eaten and shared and peace and harmony. Now it’s time to beat each other, run wild in the streets and search endlessly for a park space. It’s Black Friday!


It is the day when retailers begin to make profits, up to 70% of their yearly sales. Also one of the reasons so many retailers are going out of business. If they do not draw in the customers, they cannot afford to stay open because it will be followed by Cyber-Monday, the death nail of retailers everywhere.


It always amazes me how violent Black Friday becomes considering we are celebrating one of the happiest times of the year. Is your life really going to be better because you saved an extra hundred dollars on that big screen tv or a pack of batteries cost you 2 dollars less? Apparently so. People are now going to the malls armed to protect themselves and their loved ones.


Well, try to enjoy the day, even though most people aren’t going to. You can come back to all the left-overs after you have been out fighting the crowds. I hope you find the deal you are after! But try not to forget the reason for the season.

How to celebrate – Stay home and watch tv! Go out early, you’ll have even more time to get frustrated. Buy a suit of armor and defy anyone to touch you!

July 14th National Pandemonium Day

It’s nice to know that there is a day we can anticipate where anything can happen and it probably will, Pandemonium Day. It’s a good thing today is in July because if it was in December we would expect it and then it wouldn’t be pandemonium!


Of course, whether we expect it or not, pandemonium can still exist! It can happen in a moment when a dozen kids get together, a high school class is suddenly reunited or a baseball team parent doesn’t like the call an umpire made. I guess the good thing about pandemonium is that it can be a happy event or a sad one. I guess that is what separates pandemonium from a riot!


I guess when it gets dangerous, it’s a riot. However, a dozen kids can get dangerous, at least to the adults that are supposed to be watching them! (I’ve been there) There are some good things that can come out of pandemonium. How well you handle it, whether you get drawn into it or if you can take control when all control seems lost.


I’m not sure how to enjoy or celebrate a day like Pandemonium Day (Gee, how many times can I use the word pandemonium in a single blog). Do you start it? Stop it? Watch it? I think sometimes just identifying it for what it is… chaos, lack of control, actions beyond reason… makes you a winner.

How to celebrate – Get up, eat breakfast and go back to bed. Make sure where ever you go take aspirin with you. If you see a crowd gathering… run away from it!