July 3rd Build A Scarecrow Day

So if you have a garden, and a problem with crows, then you may need a scarecrow. Or, if you want to recreate a part of the Wizard of Oz, get ready for Halloween, or just have some old clothes you need to use for something… a scarecrow is a great idea! In theory,they are supposed to scare away the birds that eat the seeds planted in a field or garden, but birds aren’t really very afraid of them. (If they could walk or chase after the birds then the birds might be scared off) Hence, if you want to make a scarecrow great! That said, you may want to find another reason for than keeping your seeds safe. Today always falls on the 1st Sunday in July.

How to celebrate – Build a scarecrow. Plant a garden. Watch the Wizard of Oz.

July 5th Build A Scarecrow Day

Got a garden? Well you will probably need a scarecrow. Animals are getting smarter just like people but for some reason they still fall victim to the scarecrow. Plus scarecrows are fun and work out great for the fall and Halloween! In theory, a breeze moves the scarecrow around a bit to resemble a person working in the garden, a smart critter will soon figure out it’s not real. That said, the idea is to keep birds and other creatures from eating your seeds to give your garden a chance.

How to celebrate – Build a scarecrow. Buy a scarecrow. Become a scarecrow.

July 7th Build A Scarecrow Day

Got a garden? It’s summer and most of us try to grow something. The birds love it! Naturally birds are not a friend to gardeners. (Nothing against birds, they got to eat too) But birds are sort of afraid of people so the idea is, get someone to stand in your garden all day long. Since that’s not very likely, a scarecrow is your best bet! It doesn’t take much, some old clothes, a little stuffing and your done. The idea is to make it look scary but more often than not they look funny and friendly. A scarecrow does not need to meet any standard either, it can look like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man or even Dorothy! And your building yourself a friend, someone you can talk to that will never disagree with you… at least I hope not. Build A Scarecrow Day always falls on the 1st Sunday in July.

How to celebrate – Build a scarecrow! Plant a garden so your scarecrow has a place to live! Watch the Wizard of Oz.

July 1st Build A Scarecrow Day

With summer being here we all have probably dug our gardens and are anxiously waiting for the plants to pop through the ground. The thing is, as soon as they begin to pop through the ground all sorts of creatures begin to arrive to take our gardens from us.

DCF 1.0

There are two choices, either set up a cot and lay out there in the garden with your babies to protect them or, build something that looks like a person to stand guard when you can’t. Hence, the scarecrow is born. Your scarecrow doesn’t have to be dressed to the nine’s, in fact the more ragged it looks the better. If it looks like it would fight the animals for the food, they tend to stay away. (Therefore, do not make a fat scarecrow)


They can even be good-natured, even funny if you like. The animals probably won’t even notice the difference. If they do, maybe their laughter will notify you to take action. Of course, the smarter creatures will know your scarecrows aren’t real so if you can make them move, that ought to shock them. (No pun intended)

images (2)

Naturally I can mention scarecrows without resorting to the ultimate scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Hey! Maybe you could call your garden Oz and pretend your scarecrow is Ray Bolger! Your wife can be Dorothy and the husband the Tin Man. After all, hopefully your garden will be green! (Or you could go as the Wicked Witch and a Flying Monkey but then you would be teaching the creatures attacking your garden bad things)


If you are creative, maybe you can make an entire family of scarecrows. You can even leave them up because it’s only four months to Halloween. Yes, they may sort of look like ghosts but what’s scarier? Ghosts or a bunch of clothes on a stick?

How to celebrate – Have some fun, build a scarecrow. Enter one of many scarecrow building contests that take place this month. Build a patriotic scarecrow for the 4th of July.


July 2nd Build a Scarecrow Day

It’s the time of year that gardens are beginning to bloom and close to harvesting your reward. What a drag to find out everything you have worked so hard fr is being carried away by hungry, angry birds.


Well birds do not particularly like people. Generally they will do all they can to avoid them. Since it is probably impractical for you to stand out side in your garden 24 hours a day, find a substitute, a scarecrow. Hence the name, scare crows!


It doesn’t really require a lot… some old clothes and maybe a hat, a couple of sticks and some straw. When there is a breeze, the scarecrow will actually look as though it is moving scaring away those birds from their early harvesting.


Or if you are really, really lazy, you could buy a barbie doll (Ken) that looks like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz!  Of course he’s kinda small so maybe you should hire an actor to play the roll. Might be a little expensive but if you bring in the rest of the cast you can sell tickets and have your own open air theater! I don’t know if it will keep the birds away but if they aren’t very good it will keep the critics away.


And then sadly, there are those who just build scarecrows so they have a friend for the summer.

How to celebrate- Build your own scarecrow and proudly display it. Start up a build your own scarecrow contest in your neighborhood and have a party, choosing the best one over a bonfire.  Perform as the Scarecrow in whatever local theatrical performance is near you. (A good Scarecrow always brightens up the show.)