July 5th Build A Scarecrow Day

Got a garden? Well you will probably need a scarecrow. Animals are getting smarter just like people but for some reason they still fall victim to the scarecrow. Plus scarecrows are fun and work out great for the fall and Halloween! In theory, a breeze moves the scarecrow around a bit to resemble a person working in the garden, a smart critter will soon figure out it’s not real. That said, the idea is to keep birds and other creatures from eating your seeds to give your garden a chance.

How to celebrate – Build a scarecrow. Buy a scarecrow. Become a scarecrow.

October 31st Halloween

In case you have been living under a rock for a few decades, tonight is Halloween. It has it’s traditions dating back to Pagan festivals but we really don’t consider those anymore. It is a huge, sort of, holiday. (We don’t actually get time off for it) Many rank it second only to Christmas. It can be fun, those little scares that get the heart pumping. However we must remember, those evils that are often created for Halloween do not really exist. Real scares are driving on the highways anymore! It’s fun to dress up, takes kids around to get candy and if you are like me, it’s a great time to decorate your yard outrageously! I do go a bit overboard. There is no harm in having good, clean fun, but don’t over do it. Scares are meant to last seconds, not a lifetime.

How to celebrate – Go trick-or-treating. Dress up for Halloween. Decorate your house or maybe, even make a haunted house!

September 28th Ghost Hunting Day

Sept. 28th National Ghost Hunting Day

You might think this would fall better in October when the spirits are a little more active but in all honesty if there are spirits around, they are always there. This day always falls on the last Saturday of September, getting us ready for Halloween. Scarefest starts with a shot-gun blast in Lexington, Kentucky sometime after dark. Lets hope that the shot-gun blast doesn’t add to the ghosts we are hunting. Make sure you want to find what you are looking for if you find it because in the case of a ghost, it might be a little hard to get rid of.

How to celebrate – Visit Lexington, Kentucky. Look for good ghost locations near you. Learn about the ghosts near your home, make sure you want to seek them out.

August 30th National Frankenstein Day

Who is the best know monster of all time? Well, Frankenstein of course! He has been portrayed in so many movies, television shows and books that he has become an icon. He is played scary, funny, sad, happy, you name it and someone has performed it that way.

images (1)

We celebrate it today on Mary Wollenstone Shelley’s birthday, August 30th, 1797. she actually wrote Frankenstein in 1818 and my research shows she was in Scotland at the time. She was a novelist, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer and a travel writer but no doubt she is best remember for The Modern Prometheus, the original title of Frankenstein.


I am curious if she ever made anywhere near  the money others did off of her work. And though I do not know it for sure, I doubt there is any copyright applied to her work anymore.  There have also been stories about her getting the story from a relative who was actually trying to ring the dead back to life.  I don’t know if there is any truth to it or not but it is a wild story to just dream up.

images (2)

I also wonder if she had any idea it would become as popular as it did. And would she have taken offense at the way the world has treated her character. We probably will never know… unless, someone is secretly working on bringing her back.


How to celebrate – Read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. Watch a Frankenstein movie. See if you can find any other works of Mary Shelley’s to read.



May 11th Twilight Zone Day

One of the first scary television shows to ever air was Rod Serling’s, the Twilight Zone. The first show aired on October 1st, 1959 and ran through 1964. It seemed as though it ran forever, being one of the most popular shows ever to be produced. Even today, children far too young to have even seen the first episodes seem to know about the show.


It ran features where normal looking people were considered ugly and were operated on to be made look normal, like those in the photo above. Somehow Serling was able to make these shows look and feel real. Serling was the creator of the show, writer and the narrator introducing each episode in his spooky, mysterious way.

download (1)

Perhaps one of the scariest shows was Nightmare at 20,000 feet… where a young William Shattner saw a gremlin on the wing of the airplane he was flying as a passenger in. No one else could see the gremlin as it began to chew on the wing, ripping away the materials holding it together. Of course those on board felt Shattner was insane and actually restrained him. I can’t remember whether the plane crashed or not but it certainly made me look at the wings of any plane I was on for years afterwards.


Then came the ill fated Twilight Zone movie which actually seemed to fall into a twilight zone of it’s own. Actors died trying to recreate the magic Serling had originally created and the movie never took off as it should have. Beyond the tragedy, the movie done in color could not recreate the black and white effect either.

images (1)

The opening whirling spiral captivated audiences and became the trademark opening for the show. Even today, a spinning, black and white spiral takes those of us back to when the show first came out.

How to celebrate – Find reruns of the Twilight Zone to watch. Look up the list of later famous actors that appeared in the Twilight zone episodes. Watch a copy of the Twilight Zone movie.

October 31st Halloween

In case you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months, today is Halloween Eve. Some find it a good thing, some a bad thing… most of us just find it a thing. It comes, probably, from the Celtic Harvest Festival and “Summers End”. It was, at one time, believed that by dressing up as ghouls and goblins a society might keep away the demons that might assault them over the coming year.


Known also as All Hallow’s Eve and All Saints Eve, it really depends on your vision of what the day brings. I have always believed (And I am not saying I am right) that what you make it is what it is, if you think bad things will happen, that’s what you will find.


I heard a minister put it the other day say that you can chase away people who celebrate Halloween as an evil thing or understand it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and give their kids candy. (Or toothbrushes if you so choose) What is the harm in that?


Are there such things as ghosts and monsters, demons and evil? No doubt that there are and if that’s the way you see it then that’s what is alive to you and you combat. To me, and others, its just a night of weird fun. To be scared, not over frightened, is stimulating and fun. If you believe it is real, its a nightmare.


So celebrate, or don’t, what you choose to believe in. I put out no clowns since idiots have turned them into a bad thing. I try not to put out demonic creatures because they frighten people and leave them with nightmares. I don’t mind scaring someone, so long as thy are allowed to laugh after their experience.

How to celebrate – Choose your medicine and share it, or don’t. Remember you will be perceived by what you project. There is nothing evil about sharing a laugh. 

May 3rd Paranormal Day

The term Paranormal (Meaning: Para- above or beyond and Normal – Ah, well, normal) has only been around since 1920.  Paranormal is the phenomena in pop culture, folklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation.  This includes; ghosts, extraterrestrial life, UFO’s, psychic abilities, extrasensory perception and Cryptids (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, werewolves, etc.).  Anthropologist George Frazer, in his book “The Golden Bough” explains the soul is a creature in an animated body.

images (5)

Come on, all that mumbo-jumbo trying to describe what we all know, it’s something that scares us! Most of us enjoy the scare, the adrenalin rush we get when we think we see, or hear, something that shouldn’t be there.  At first we want to run, to get away from what we can’t explain, but eventually we go back and find that normally there is some logical explanation.  But sometimes there isn’t.  Sometimes we find ourselves caught between what we can understand and what we can’t.

Are there ghosts, monsters, UFO’s in the world?  Maybe, it all depends on what you believe in.  Perhaps they are nothing but our imagination, coming alive in the right setting at the right time.  There are dozens of “Ghost” shows on television and they never seem to actually find a ghost.  They explain sounds that could be ghosts but they could also just be a house settling or the wind blowing through a crack in the wall that makes it sound like someone is speaking.  They may also be faking it because as we all saw when Geraldo finally got Capone’s vault open and there was nothing there, it was really, really boring.

I have gone out ghost hunting on numerous occasions and can honestly say I have never found evidence of anything “out of this world”.  I have had some experiences, however, when I was not expecting them that I can’t explain.  I have gone to a door and reached for the door knob only to back away when I saw dozens of hands floating unattached to anybody on the other side of the door. (It had a window in the door)  I did not hang around long enough to try and figure out some logical explanation.  In mere seconds I was a mile away from the location having broken the land speed record for humans.

I have searched the sky for UFO’s but never seen one.  And yet I had an Uncle in the service that received Federal reports that he could not talk about concerning them.  I have had powerful feelings that I was being watched when inside a house that was reportedly haunted.  I have had those feelings that I have been somewhere before when to my knowledge I knew I never had.


And I have had to rescue two women who were running on an old battlefield from a man they identified as a soldier from another era. I have seen photographs of people who should not have been in he picture at all.

Are these paranormal experiences?  I honestly don’t know, but it’s sort of fun to think they are.  I suspect if I knew for sure I wouldn’t care for it too much either way.

How to celebrate: Watch a scary movie, preferably with a friend.  Read a scary book.  Start your own “Tales From The Crypt” television show, it’s pretty easy… you don;t have to prove anything just suggest.