April 14th National Dolphin Day

Probably the most intelligent sea creature ever, the dolphin holds a special place in the hearts of human. we have even featured them in a television series, “Flipper” running from September 10, 1964 through 1967. They are beautiful creatures, very agile and quick and often like to play with humans, and other dolphins as they live their lives in the oceans. Hopefully we can learn more about these creatures as we develop because like the dog, they seem to be man’s best friend of the water.

How to celebrate – Look for dolphins in the ocean, they live in the shallows and around reefs. Visit sea theme parks where recovering dolphins perform while getting back to their lives in the wild, or if too badly hurt, make the park their home. Read about dolphins in the wild.


March 5th-13th Sea Week

Today we celebrate the sea in New Zealand with the Association For Environmental Education or the NZAEE. To be honest, we probably know more about space than we do about the oceans of the world and the oceans are much more important for us. They may be the future of mankind and we need to understand them and realize all that they can provide. There is more ocean surface than land surface on earth and we need to harvest it as we continue to explore space and the planets around us. The sea provides food, energy and healthful things we can all gain from if we just learn how to use it.

How to celebrate – Explore the Sea. Visit New Zealand. Imagine living life under the sea.

August 7th National Lighthouse Day

Lighthouses were vital to shipping back in the days of the sail, and even in early powers ships. Navigational tools were not what they are today and ships often went aground or sailed into rocks where no lighthouses existed. The first lighthouse in the world is believed to be one built in 300-200 BC in Egypt. The first lighthouse in America was in Boston , 1716. It was privately owned which eventually became a problem so the Federal Government took over the operations of most lighthouses in the United States on August 7th, 1789. Today was created by the U.S. Congress in 1989.

How to celebrate – Though most lighthouses are no longer operative you can still find ones to climb and view out of. Read about the exploits of lighthouse keepers over the years. See how many lighthouses there are in your state, you might be surprised.

June 8th World Oceans Day

Today was created in order to try and save our oceans before they become too polluted to function as they were intended. It’s called the 30/30 plan as organizations all over the world try to save just 30% of the oceans across the face of the earth. Conservation groups tend to focus on areas close to their heart, whether that is erosion, saving sea life, sustaining the environment and so on. They need your donations and attention to save these precious resources. It’s like any other resource, abuse it and lose it.

How to celebrate – See how many oceans you can name without looking (there are 7 of them). Go to beach. Get involved in an organization trying to preserve our oceans.

May 10th Mother Ocean Day

May 10th Mother Ocean Day

This day was created by the South Florida Kayak Fishing Club and the City of Miami. We all should celebrate the ocean and if you believe in the gods of old, why not Mother Ocean. We would not be alive without the oceans and the fresh water lakes that cover a great deal of the Earth’s surface. More and more people are beginning to care about the ocean and what we dump into it and leave behind on our shore. We need to treat the ocean, and all it’s inhabitants, with respect and awe.

How to celebrate – Clean up after yourself when you go to the beach. Study the differences in all seven of the oceans. Take a cruise.

April 14th National Dolphin Day

“We call him Flipper, Flipper, Flipper (but I don’t remember why). There is no doubt if you spend much time at sea or around the shoreline you will have had an encounter with a dolphin. They are intelligent creatures, very friendly, and train people well on how to feed them. Naturally, Flipper was a television show about a dolphin who was like a Rescue 9-1-1 pet of the sea. And dolphins have been known to rescue people from time to time.

How to celebrate – Watch old reruns of Flipper. Support Sea World for their efforts to save sea life. Learn how to be friends with an animal instead of owning them.

March 21st Mermaid Day

March 21st Mermaid Day

One of the most beloved creatures of the sea is the mermaid. Originally sailors thought that manatees were mermaids. Ah, I think they needed glasses, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Today we celebrate mermaid day by having parades and parties featuring our favorite sea creature. The most recognized parade is on Coney Island where every mermaid known to man will be represented. I’ll bet the event makes a real splash with all who attend.

How to celebrate – Dress up like a mermaid. Go to Florida and see manatees up close. Visit Coney Island and take part in the big event.

September 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

Sept. 19th International Talk Like A Pirate Day

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Rrrr… matey, speak up or walk the plank! Hoist those sails and prepare to get under way today with a true adventure of parley and codes (Really just more guidelines) with your friends, customers and fellow employees. (Or shall we call them shipmates?) So shiver me timbers, a-yast me hearties and remember to swab the decks before you go ashore.

The Capture of the Pirate Blackbeard, 1718
SSI39781 The Capture of the Pirate Blackbeard, 1718 by Ferris, Jean Leon Gerome (1863-1930); Private Collection; American, out of copyright

Created by Cap’N Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket in 2008. However, John Baur and Mark Summer also claim to have created the day on September 19th, 1995. (Mark Summers wife’s birthday.)


How to celebrate – Well, simple enough, talk like a pirate! Watch the new Disney “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.  Make sure others know it is Talk Like A Pirate Day so people don’t think you really are one!