February 3rd Feed The Birds Day

Sometimes we do not think about the fact that birds, and other animals, have to eat just like we people do. During the winter months, in the northern states, this can be difficult for them. Covered in snow and ice, the ground is too hard to dig through, so most birds generally go south to find food. As the ground begins to thaw, birds will start returning to their normal settings. If you live in this environment, put out food for them to welcome them back (otherwise it is possible they may just go on by). That is, of course, if you want them to return.

How to celebrate – Buy a bag of bird food. Get a bird feeder. Enjoy your favorite bird’s song.


March 20th Snowman Burning Day

March 20th Snowman Burning Day

Here’s a fun day! It’s time to burn any snowmen that might still be around. Now, it’s nearly impossible to burn a real snowman, so build your own made out of straw, or wood, or anything that will burn. That’s what they do in Germany for the “Rose Sunday Festival”. It is meant to mark the changes of the season, and the end of winter. Is a snowman made out of anything other than snow really a snowman? Well, I guess it’s all in the way you look at it.

How to celebrate – Look for a snowman. Build your own straw man. Break out the hot dogs and marshmallows and throw a snowman burning party.

September 23rd Fall Equinox

Sept 23rd Fall Equinox (Autumn)

Today fall begins, well halfway through the day anyway, or in Florida’s case at 3:50 AM. I won’t be up to welcome it in. Supposedly today is nearly equal in the amount of daylight and the length of the night. I again am not planning on proving this myself. Fall brings the most holidays we celebrate and so it is normally welcomed by nearly everyone. 

How to celebrate – Welcome fall and the change in the color of the trees (they don’t change much in Florida). Get ready for the coming holidays. Visit a pumpkin patch!

March 20th Snowman Burning Day

Snowman Burning Day – March 20th

This holiday is celebrated in both the United States and Switzerland as the changing of the seasons, from Winter into Spring. Now you can’t really burn a Snowman, it’s way to wet. You can melt it, but you don’t need a fire to do that, so it is a symbolic day where no one is actually proposing you burn a snowman. Unless you have had a very long Winter, you probably won’t be able to find, or build, a snowman to burn! It has been suggested that you can explode a snowman instead… but I wouldn’t suggest this.

How to celebrate – Find, or save, a snowman from Winter. Enjoy the warmer weather. Watch Frosty the Snowman re-runs!

March 12th Plant a Flower Day

With the weather warming up it’s time to start thinking about planting flowers that brighten your day and put that scent of Spring into the air. There are at least 151 varieties of flowers so you need to learn which ones to plant when. Some flowers can stand the colder weather; others need the full sunshine and heat. Fields of flowers are amazing and important to feeding those creatures that thrive on their nectar. While we at times find these bugs annoying they serve an important function in life for us all. So besides just being pretty to look at, and smelling really, really good, flowers serve a purpose… just like everything else in nature.

How to celebrate – Plant a flower! See how many of the 151 flower types you can name. Find a field of flowers and enjoy.